Suit Selection Choices for Bulkier People

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Suits are the all time favorite choice in men's fashion. These days the style statement of most men in looking fashionable is "less is more". In this world where everyone wants to look fashionable a description of a fitted suit is showing a slimmer fit shoulders and short hemline of the pants. With the fast paced appeal, many suits are available off the rack, but it should be remembered that not all suits suit every men, this article will help to buy a perfect fit suit as it deals with the different suits which suit the individual based on the bulkier body type.

Dark colored suits- the best choice

Light colored clothes provide a bulkier appearance, on the other hand dark colored suits makes you look thinner. Because dark colored clothes offer slimming effect they can do wonders in providing you with a slim look. Specific color choices which would be useful are black, dark navy would be a better and classy options as well.

Solids and vertical stripes

For fleshy people, solids act as an excellent option to provide you with a sleek and a slender look. Suits with loud patterns can bring an opposite effect as they will exaggerate your figure more.  Vertical striped suits can also be chosen as they provide a slim look.

Go for two jackets

An added jacket can provide a disproportionate look in the jacket. Two buttoned jackets provide the best fit. These days a two buttoned suit is the standard norm preferred by all body types irrespective of the fact whether you are bulky or slim. A two buttoned jacket does not draw much attraction, unlike the modest impact of a one buttoned jacket and the slimming effect which is offered by a three buttoned jacket.

Single vented suit

As far as the vent preference in the suits is considered it is always better to go for single vent as it does not invite much attraction. Vent is a slits at the back of the jacket. Single vents allow more movement. Single vents offer extra room of comfort plus they even avoid the uninvited attention.

Light weighted fabrics

Men with well built physique often acquire it from the buffet, need to find a perfect fitted suit that makes them look thinner. The recommended suits for the heavy weighted men are suits which are made of light weighted fabric. Suits made with heavy weighted fabrics often add weight, complicating the problem more. The fabrics which are light weight are soft, worsted wools.

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