Limousines Are Perfect For Halloween Parties

by Troy J Childers - Date: 2010-09-22 - Word Count: 507 Share This!

I remember my favorite Halloween party like it was yesterday. It was going to be held at my friend Spike's house, which was halfway across town and up on top of one of those big, scary hillsides. Spike's mom was out of town a lot, so we knew she would be AWOL that night. It was going to be the most-talked-about Halloween party in my Los Angeles high school, and I had looked forward to it for weeks. I thought that I would never forget that Halloween party because it was going to be so wild. Instead, what I remember about it was how much fun I had never getting there at all.

You see, I had pretty good parents. They had been to some wild parties in their day, and they knew the type of thing that was likely to happen. You know what I'm talking about. The types of things that no good parent wants their kids doing.

So my parents did something so totally cool (we called it rad then) that I was just blown away. Mom took her quarterly bonus from work and they rented a party limousine for me and my best friends. We drove all over Los Angeles that night whooping it up. I'll never forget the look on my friends' faces as I pulled up, and then inviting them in. Car phones were a big deal then, and we kept prank calling Spike's house. First it was the police, then the fire department, then the Skulls and Bones. He fell for it every time.

Limousines can take any event from cool to way awesome. There is just something incredible about renting a limousine from a good limousine company. From the smooth, professional ride, to the rich feel of the leather seating. The feeling of being someone special, a complete VIP, for just a little while is pretty intoxicating. Plus, you know that your driver is well-trained, professional, and certified. Which may not mean a lot to a bunch of teenagers having fun in the back, but it means everything to their parents at home.

As the holidays get closer, I encourage you to think about something like this for your kids. If you have teens in the house, you can give them all the fun and excitement of a limousine rental. A good limousine company in Los Angeles will keep your teens safe while it gives them the night of their life. Plus, you'll always know where they are without being obtrusive or stifling. A good, certified company will give your kids a party to remember while keeping you cool.

Every teenager needs that one special memory that lasts well into adulthood. Adding a limousine escort just adds icing to the proverbial cake. He can party like a rock star without all the negative effects. She will be the belle of the ball for the remainder of high school.

Call a good limousine rental company in Los Angeles today. The experience will give your teens something they have never tried before, and it will be safe.

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