Possible Effects of Laser Eye Surgery

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What are the possible effects of laser eye surgery? Laser eye surgery is not as risky as it used to be but it still does have plenty of risks associated with it. Many people are choosing this type of surgical procedure to correct their vision. It is important for anyone thinking about having eye surgery to be aware of the risks and possible outcomes of the surgery. Making an informed decision starts with discussing the possible outcomes with your surgeon.

Better Vision

Of course the ideal outcome is that you will come out of the surgery with better vision than before. Although it is possible to have fully corrected vision and not need glasses at all any more, it is also possible that you will still need glasses to see at certain distances. The ideal outcome for vision correction is to have your vision fully restored and no further need of glasses or contacts.

No Change

It is also possible that despite the surgeons best efforts you will walk away from the surgery clinic with little or no change in your eyesight. Although this is very disappointing it can usually be rectified with an additional surgery. This is not very common but it is a possibility that you should be prepared for.

Worse Vision

Most people thinking of having laser surgery do not consider the possible result of having worse vision than before. Even when their surgeon clearly states this as a possible result of the surgery many patients have a difficult time actually thinking this could happen to them. Often this type of outcome can be corrected through and additional surgery but it is possible that the damage to the eyes will be permanent.

Full Vision Loss

Your ophthalmology surgeon will explain the worst possible outcome to you at your consultation appointment. Although it is extremely uncommon to have a laser surgery result in blindness, it is possible and you should be informed about this possible result of your surgery.


This is fairly uncommon but still can happen to anyone who is having corrective eye surgery. Your doctor may prescribe an antibiotic or antibiotic eye drop to help prevent an infection from occurring. If an infection does occur it is important to get it treated right away to prevent damage to your eyes or your vision.

Finding out from Your Surgeon

Anyone thinking about having laser eye surgery should be aware of all the possible outcomes to their surgery. Doing your own research and educating yourself on the techniques, training, and results of laser eye surgery will be beneficial when you attend your consultation meeting with your surgeon.

At your consultation, feel free to discuss your concerns regarding the type of surgery you will be undergoing. An open discussion of the possible effects of eye surgery is the best way to gather the important information you need in order to make your decision. The Internet is another great resource tool for finding out more information on laser eye surgery.

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