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Clients always ask me about escorted tours. Most people just don't understand how great they are and what they have to offer. Most people think that tours mean rushing from 7:00am to 7:00pm. Not so any more!

Travelers get to enjoy more free time when on an escorted tour with people just like themselves. Escorted tours make travel easy by arranging transportation, lodging, portage, accommodations and some meals. Travelers get to see the best attractions, without missing a thing, all at affordable prices.

There are so many tours to choose from. Some are geared towards people 18-35 years old and some are geared to families particularly Grandparents and grandchildren. Disney just got into the tour business with the start of their "Adventures" tours. Tours are anywhere from 1 week to 40 days! There are point to point tours within a country or roundtrip tours. With all the options, one should be able to find the perfect tour!

Who Takes an Escorted Tour? People who enjoy having a good time on a wonderful vacation and want to have their traveling adventures planned out so as not to miss the major attractions of an area. Travelers want to be sure they are getting their money's worth on a carefully planned vacation with fun all the way through. Combining what travelers want in value and convenience, with the security and companionship, escorted travel offers the best way possible to vacation.

What is The Difference in Escorted Tours?

Escorted tours include many things of great value - all at an affordable price. Here is the chance to travel to new destinations, experience the traditions of different cultures and share the customs. People enjoy traveling in the company of others who like to do the same things with all arrangements planned by a reputable, responsible travel expert. There is real peace of mind in that thought. Usually tours bypass the long entrance lines of single travelers too. Money and time is actually saved on an escorted tour. Tour pricing varies by the number of days, time of year, number of included meals, number of included tours and level of hotel accommodations. Look for the colder months for less expensive tours in Europe. Summer months are the most expensive and sell out the quickest. Plan early to be on the tour of your choice.

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Owner Ellen Keralla, received her travel agent certificate from Arapahoe Community College in Littleton, Colorado. She has traveled all over the world from Europe to Asia. She is a member of IATAN(International Airlines Travel Agent Network), ACC(Accredited Cruise Counselor) and CTO (Caribbean Tourism Organization). She has visited Costa Rica to find the most romantic resorts along with Hawaii, the Caribbean and even France. Her favorite romantic honeymoon destination is Tahiti. She also has helped numerous clients with their honeymoons, anniversaries and destination weddings. You can reach her at 1-800-691-0243, or

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