Getting Your Independent Music Heard

by Ty Cohen - Date: 2007-05-31 - Word Count: 484 Share This!

You are absolutely ecstatic because you have written all your songs, produced the music and your CD is complete!! You find yourself jumping for joy and then it dawns on you--People have got to hear this! But how? When? Where do I begin? This is the thought of many people dealing with an independent music career. And luckily independent music in the music industry can succeed!

You've finished your work now you want the world to hear your creations. It may not be until you are faced with the idea of actually delivering it to the world that you realize you have no clue as to where to begin.

Well, don't worry! After you've taken the time to read this you will be well on your way to releasing your music to the world. Because you are involved in independent music and have not been picked up by any major record label your approach will be a little different from the signed musician.

You will do all of the work, including promoting, marketing and selling. But don't worry; there are plenty of avenues to do just this. Fortunately the Indie industry is booming and there are plenty of companies that cater to the needs of Indie artists.

Since people involved in independent music don't have the front money that signed artists do, marketing and selling cheaply is the way to do it. You can either burn and reproduce the CD's yourself or you can hire someone to do it but that is going to cost a bit more. You are also going to have to consider artwork for the cover. When exploring this, look for companies that operate on a print on demand type service. This way you don't overproduce and spend more money than needed.

Get a website where you can sell the CD yourself. Set up a Paypal account so you can accept payments for your CD. This is free and simple and tons of people already have a Paypal account. Remember, your main goal is to turn profits not break the bank!

CD Baby is a perfect resource for independent music sellers. For any Indie artist, this site is an absolute must! They provide distribution for independent artists and musicians only! They started out as an online service. They have a set fee for submitting your music to their site and having them host a store front for each album you send them. Go and check them out. When the CD's sell they send you the check, that's right, YOUR CHECK!

Lastly, consider a UPC barcode for your CD. This way you can log your CD's and sell them in record stores that sell independent music! These are the best first steps in getting your music heard by millions around the world! Follow these steps and you will open the door to literally a world of possibilities for you and your music.

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