Facts About a Stroke

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It is true that about every 45 seconds someone in America has a stroke. There is usually someone dying from one every three minutes. There are so many people that are killed each year from this devastating disease. It is the third leading cause of death in the nation at this time and it is the leasing cause of serious long-term disability problems in the United States as well.

A stroke is a type of cardiovascular disease and it will affect the arteries and lead to the brain. A stroke will happen when the blood vessels that take the oxygen and nutrients to the brain are either blocked with a clot or they erupt. When this does happen, part of the brain cannot get the blood it needs for oxygen that it needs to survive.

When part of the brain dies from lack of blood flow the part of the body that it controls is going to be affected. A stroke can cause paralysis and affect language and vision and cause other problems as well. There are treatments that are available to lessen the potentially devastating effects that a stroke may have on them.

There are many risk factors for someone having a stroke. A person can have a stroke if they are not using a good diet or have bad eating habits. Not getting the right amount of exercise can also lead someone to having a stroke. It is important to eat right and use some form of exercise daily to keep your body motivated and able to continuing running the way that it should with no risk for a stroke.

Smoking is another cause for many to have a stroke. A stroke can happen to anyone for any reason at any moment in the day. There are about 600,000 people that have strokes every year. For many of these years, there was no hope for anyone suffering from a stroke. In the recent years and different breakthroughs, they have found new treatments to help people get through these difficult times and move on to better things ahead of them.

There are many warning signs of a stroke about to come on. You have to make sure that you are aware of them so that you are not putting yourself at risk for more problems later on down the road. If you think that you may be having symptoms of a stroke, you need to call 911 right away. The warning signs may last a few moments and then disappear but they may signal a serious condition that you have to pay attention to.

You will notice that you are feeling different and that you may have numbness of the face, leg, or arm on one side of the body. You may also notice problems in your vision or a severe headache that comes on all at once.

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