Discovering the Many Ways a Temp Agency Can Assist in a Down Economy

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When out of money and unable to find work, often times can look hopeless. However, for many who have found the alternative reality of temporary employment, others are making ends meet best as possible in this economic downtown. As such, if in need of temporary or permanent employment, one may want to check with a local temp agency to see what openings are available in the area in which one resides, or is willing to relocate.

For, while one may be having trouble locating a full-time job with benefits, often many placement agencies and temporary agencies have more jobs during such an economic downtown than otherwise. As such, while a number of employers may be having to lay off permanent employees with benefits, most often there is still a great deal of work to be done. So, more often than not, when a company is in need of help but can afford to pay benefits to employees, such companies often feel the gap with temporary employees.

Of course, before going to work for a temp agency, often one must pass a number of clerical and office tests. As such, if familiar with various software packages, rusty on typing speed, or need to polish up in other areas, one may want to do so before visiting such an agency. For, while temporary agencies offer temporary work, at times one can be offered a permanent job from such employment.

In addition, while some temporary agencies only focus on temporary employment, there are also permanent placement companies which offer both permanent and temporary jobs. So, depending on the type of work one is interested in, one can decide for oneself whether one is looking for full or part time work. Of course, one of the best benefits of working as a temporary is that one has the ability to either accept or reject assignments when offered.

Still, one may want to accept as many assignments as possible. For, often temporary employees willing to work the most assignments when offered are going to get the best jobs. However, one may also want to compare the current rates being offered for such jobs against industry standards. For, while temporary agencies, hr consulting firms, permanent recruitment offices, placement agencies, employment agencies and others may ask such individuals to notify the office if one is asked to do a different job, one must know what such jobs pay in order to know whether providing such services is fair at the current hourly rate.

Otherwise, one could be working far under average pay for such a job. Of course, unless one takes the initiative to inform the agency and client of such salary discrepancies, no changes can be made. As such, if one wants to be paid a fair wage for work which one is doing as a temporary employee, one must often stand up for such rights.

For example, an individual is sent on an administrative assignment, yet when the temporary employee arrives, the temp is given a programming assignment. As programming jobs often pay ten to twenty dollars more an hour than administrative jobs, this is clearly unfair. So, the temporary calls the temp agency and explains the difference in the job description and pay rate to the recruiting agent, who then calls the client and ask that the hourly rate be increased to reflect such industry standards.

To this end, whether an individual works through a temp agency, a permanent recruitment office, human resources firm, or otherwise, one needs to be sure one knows the current hourly rate for a variety of jobs. For, whether one is going to work a permanent or temporary job, one wants to be sure one is being paid fairly for the type of work involved. As such, one may want to review a variety of jobs and current salary rates to assure one knows what different jobs normally pay when offered such an assignment.

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