Golf Swing Instruction - What You Should Know

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So, you are looking for golf swing instruction? I'm going to help you do just that. Below are some methods. We will discuss the positives and negatives with each.

*Getting personalized golf swing instruction from a real live professional.

Let's talk about purchasing golf lessons, with a real and live professional instructor. This could be a good option for those who have the funds for such golf swing instruction. You do get to work one on one with a real person, who can help correct you on the spot if there is a problem in your swing. And the instructor can commend you when you are swinging correctly. Plus, you have somebody there to talk to about your golf game, and problems you are encountering.

Ok, so we've covered some of the positive aspects of purchasing golf lessons from a real live professional instructor. This type of golf swing instruction does have some drawbacks. Be aware that the cost can put this type of instruction out of reach for some people. And it could become a recurring expense, because of repeat visits. Could you afford to put out hundreds of dollars toward this? Is it going to get in the way of something more important. Also, will this fit in without conflicting with your work schedule? Perhaps live instruction won't work for you? But don't worry, this isn't the only way to get top quality instruction.

*Golf DVDs, and instructional materials. You could call it "do it yourself."

As far as golf swing instruction, this is the most economical route. You can pick up entire golf lessons for just a little bit of money. The fees aren't recurring, because you own the DVD for life; it's yours. And you can view it over and over. You can watch the videos any time you want. You could watch the videos in your pajamas at 3 am in the morning if you want to. And you get to hear from real golf professionals. See, you have a big advantage with this. You could teach yourself the same thing over and over without extra cost. An instructor, of course would need extra money for extra time. You don't have to worry about forgetting the materials because they are allways located in the intructional materials or DVDs. If you need someone to help you, get a friend to review the video, and observe you and see if you have the mechanics correct. You simply practice, practice, practice, until you get it right.

The negative to this type of golf swing instruction is that you don't have access to a live professional. But, this does not have to stop you from perfecting your golf swing. I know some great golfers who never got live instruction from professional instructors.

If you want the best value in golf swing instruction, and the most flexible approach, I would go with golf DVDs and instructional materials. Look below for more free golf swing tips.

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