Plastic Surgery Travel Packages

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Latin American countries are the chosen destination of many travelers seeking cosmetic surgery. Those considering rhinoplasty or facelifts, turn to travel agencies to arrange their travel and care.

Colombia is enjoying a travel boom for the first time in two decades. Last year, the Ministry of Commerce and Tourism counted a million visitors to the country. Of these, a percentage travel for plastic surgery, so the president recently called for creating free trade hospital zones. In these, medical tourists would be able to have facelifts and breast enhancements, tax-free.

Travel agencies specializing in medical tourism offer "surgery packages" including airfare, ground transport, hotel, travel insurance, medical procedures, nursing, post-operative treatment, and the services of a tour guide. In addition to Colombia, other destinations include the Argentina, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Mexico, and Venezuela.

Benefits of plastic surgery:

Cosmetic surgeries offer benefits that patients feel both physically, and emotionally. Patients who have undergone aesthetic surgery claim that the most frequent complement they receive is, "you look rested."

In addition to the others' responses, many patients note changes within themselves. These include both internal differences, that they feel physically; and changes in how they relate to other people and their overall emotional well-being.

Many who have chosen plastic surgery procedures note that they feel more balanced. As a result, they are more comfortable swimming, running, or exercising. Many liposuction patients note that, after their surgery, they feel more likely to go to the gym and exercise.

And many of those who choose aesthetic surgeries such as rhinoplasty or a face lift report that they feel more comfortable with others. The change in their appearance facilitates their social relations. As a result of their cosmetic surgery, patients describe themselves as more outgoing, more confident, and even more likely to take on new ventures.

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