Benefits Of Spinning - Is Spinning Exercise Any Good

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Have you heard about spinning as an exercise and want more information? This page will provide with some of the basics about this exercise and the equipment. Spinning is actually another term for indoor cycling. This exercise was originally developed to help train professional cyclists, but now it is a regular feature at health spas and gyms. It is usually done with a group of people in a spinning class that features loud music, directions from the instructors and the sound of the spinning bikes.

Spinning exercise targets specific muscles in your body. It works the quadriceps, hamstrings, hips, calves and even the abs. It really helps your body to burn calories so it is excellent as a weight loss exercise. It also helps to give your body a great cardio workout, strengthen your muscles and increase endurance levels.

This technology used in a typical spinning class incorporates cycling training with an instructor and sound training principles into a 40 minute workout. The bike that is used has bull-horn handlebars and users need to learn the proper holding and posture techniques to avoid muscle fatigue. The handlebars have fixed racing gears, pedals with clips and an adjustable seat.

There is a resistance knob so that you can increase the intensity of the workout. The class consists of simulated outdoor cycling experiences, such as climbing steep hills or through rolling valleys. The users adjust the knob on the bike according to the instructions. The heart rate monitors worn during the workout also helps the participants know how hard they are working. Such a workout gives you all the benefits of an aerobic workout.

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