40 Common Dreams - 101 Prayers To Deal With Them

by Elisha Goodman - Date: 2007-02-13 - Word Count: 822 Share This!

You don't realize it, but in the next few minutes you are going to learn how vital information that you are receiving every night (in your dreams) could hold the key to your happiness, protection, peace and prosperity.

Let's begin with...

5 Little-Known Facts

What has a dream got to do with the making of a world champion golfer?

What did one of the greatest inventors of all time learn in a dream that you and I are still spending our money on the result over 100 years later?

How did a dream lead a famous scientist to a discovery that got him the Nobel Prize for Physics?

What type of dream was responsible for preserving the life of one of the most infamous persons the world has ever known?

How did an unrecognized warning in a dream lead to the death of one of America's greatest presidents?

Shortly, you too are going to uncover the simple keys that will allow you to understand your dreams and take action when necessary.

You will discover:

Opportunities you should be taking to usher in a new and better life for yourself and your loved ones.

the significance of dream symbols that bring prosperity such as fruits, trees, certain colors, and even numbers you see in the dream.

That most dreams are time-sensitive - they should be acted on immediately for best results

Why certain dreams should be cancelled and the simple prayers to pray and cancel them

How to pray and exactly what prayers to pray for your good dreams to manifest... quickly

A simple technique for remembering all your dreams when you wake up so you can take the correct action

Scientists Do NOT Want You To Find Out!

Did you know that the great composer Mozart received many of his most glorious compositions through dreams?

Or that Robert Louis Stevenson struggled for days over a short story that refused to take shape until a dream transformed it into the classic "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde?"

Or that Dmitry Mendeleyev, a brilliant 19th century chemist and physicist recreated the Periodic Table during his waking hours after it appeared to him in it's entirety in a dream?

Or if Dr. Jonas Salk had chosen to ignore his dreams, the polio vaccine might never have existed?

Did you know that dreams inspired everything from Elias Howe's invention of the sewing machine to Thomas Edison's invention of the light bulb?

And here's possibly... The Biggest Shocker Of All...

Did you ever know that the Theory of Relativity came to Einstein in a dream?

In her book, "Wake Up to Your Dream" Sandra Collier discussed how dreaming affected Albert Einstein.

Hear Einstein himself tell his dream:

"I was sledding with my friends at night. I started to slide down the hill but my sled started going faster and faster. I was going so fast that I realized I was approaching the speed of light. I looked up at that point and I saw the stars. They were being refracted into colors I had never seen before. I was filled with a sense of awe. I understood in some way that I was looking at the most important meaning in my life."

Years later, Einstein said, "I knew I had to understand that dream and you could say, and I would say, that my entire scientific career has been a meditation on my dream."

Whoa! That's from the man acknowledged as the greatest scientist who ever lived!

Let me ask you a question:

"Do you even bother with your dreams?" Did you know that...

The Secrets of Your Greatness Have Already Been Given to You in Your Dreams?"

Or (this is a scary one)...

"Do you ever consider that many times you have even received warnings in your dreams... and due to lack of understanding you may have unknowingly allowed some nasty things to happen to you?"

Let's look at this sobering example...

The President's Case

A few days before he was killed, Abraham Lincoln said that he was impressed by the number of prophetic dreams in the Bible.

When his wife asked him why he'd brought this up, Lincoln related a dream he just had.

He was wandering through the halls of the White House trying to find out where the sound of weeping people was coming from. His search led him to the East Room where he saw a coffin lying on a platform, guarded by soldiers and surrounded by a throng of mourners.

"Who is dead?" he asked in the dream.

"The president, killed by an assassin" was the answer.
The loud grieving sobs of mourners finally awoke Lincoln from the dream.

We all know the rest of the story... Lincoln was killed by an assassin's bullet a few days later.

What Dreams Are You Ignoring?

In my course on dreams, I teach from a Biblical perspective and in simple-to-understand language:

- How to recognize good and bad dreams

- How to understand your dreams

- the 9 dreams that bring riches, success and promotion

- how to pray your good dreams into manifestation

- how to cancel bad dreams through prayers

- how to pray and stop bad dreams

- and much, much more

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