Online Secured Personal Loans: Few Clicks Can Help you Realize your Wishes

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The need of money is ever increasing and not all people are able to satisfy these ever increasing needs. So to satisfy these needs companies are offering online secured personal loans. Online secured personal loans aim at providing loans to people to satisfy their personal need. But here as the name suggest the loan taker has to keep something as collateral against which the loan amount is to be given. It can be any thing, from a car to even jewelries or other valuable articles. However, the most common collateral is house.

Online secured personal loans: informations
Online secured personal loans are gaining immense popularity in the UK market today. The reasons are obvious. Online Secured personal loans offer facilities like a larger borrowing amount, and long repayment tenure. Beside this the rate of interest is also quite low. The standard maximum amount that can be borrowed with an online secured personal loan is £75,000. However, this amount mainly varies according to the equity of the collateral. Generally the amount that can be borrowed is about 125% of the equity of the collateral.
The repayment tenure is quite long and can be stretched up to 30 years.
The online secured personal loans are further divided into two types. One with fixed rate of interest where the rate of interest remains fixed over the whole repayment tenure. The other one is online secured personal loans with variable rate of interest where the rates of interest keeps on varying from every month depending on the market. The borrower is totally free to choose anyone from the two.

Online secured Personal Loans: Interest Rates and Eligibility
The rate of interest for online secured personal loans varies from 5.8% to 19.9% depending on the type of personal loan taken by the borrower. The repayment tenure also varies accordingly. Now the eligibility criteria for these loans are summarized below:-
- You must be over 18 years of age
- You must be UK resident
- You must have a good credit history
- You must have a current account with a UK bank
So if you satisfy these eligibility criteria and are in need of money online secured personal loans seem a viable option to you.

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