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The Martial Arts Supply is a new martial arts store/information hub for the masses. Its purpose is to collect and organize products and articles from all over the web into one location so that practitioners of the martial arts have all of the information and gear they need at their fingertips on one internet location. The creator of the website, Tae Kwon Do gold medalist Matt Canei, believes that by having a majority of the information and products on one site, it will greatly facilitate and cut down on shopping for martial arts supplies and information.

The site is organized into a variety of easy-to-navigate categories to uphold a balanced, well-composed website to reflect the principles and notions of the martial artist. The main content area is the martial arts articles section. Through this section, both site staff and registered users of the site may submit content articles that will be sorted into the martial arts articles categories. This will allow for users to submit their own martial arts related content, to make their own contributions to the site and help the site achieve the status of the one-stop shop for both information and supplies.

The other features of the site include vast product listings of the highest quality of martial arts gear. The product brands range from Tigerstrike and Century to Everlast. The product categories are as follows: kicking bags, e-books, martial arts shoes, sparring gear, uniforms, weapons and targets. Matt also will release his own products on the site such as his already released Tae Kwon Do terminology guide that will be included in future Tae Kwon Do packages that he will produce. Matt will soon release a video series of 12 video lessons going over basic and advanced Tae Kwon Do techniques as well as forms from white belt to 1st Dan black. The videos will be sold for $19.97 a lesson, or all twelve with an assortment of bonuses for just $97.00 which is under half of what it would cost to purchase each lesson individually.

The site will continue to list products after they are analyzed for quality and value. In addition to products, the articles directory will continue to grow as well as the community is built up over time. The Martial Arts Supply can be visited at

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