The Ins And Outs Of Cristiano Ronaldo's Relationships

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Cristiano Ronaldo is uninhibited and spontaneous and will often do something unexpected or humorous in order to loosen people up and get them out of their rut. Cristiano Ronaldo craves emotional stimulation, excitement, surprises and anything new. Ronaldo also loves to feel free and unfettered. Yet, he is likely to have a certain fear of crowds and may have a tendency to be agoraphobic. Ronaldo loves to laugh, celebrate and enjoy himself with his companions. Emotionally open and easygoing, Cristiano considers just about anyone a friend or potential friend. His good humor and friendliness make him quite popular and well liked. At times, Cristiano Ronaldo overdoes the festivities, but he rarely regrets it.

His love feelings and desires are easily aroused but he may find it difficult to sustain his romantic interest in relationships after the exciting initial phase. Cristiano Ronaldo enjoys a dynamic partner with a strong independent streak, and he does not like things to become too peaceful or predictable in the love arena. Cristiano wants to see sparks fly once in awhile, even if it means instigating a fight.

Cristiano wants to be adored, and it is difficult for anyone to resist the warmth and attention Ronaldo lavishes on those he cares about. Cristiano Ronaldo has a great deal of pride and needs to be recognized and appreciated. The way to really hurt his feelings is to ignore him.

Cristiano Ronaldo is extremely amorous and it is difficult for him to go without romantic relationships for very long. When he is attracted to someone, Cristiano Ronaldo pursues her very ardently and sometimes comes on too strong. Being engaged in creative or artistic work can also satisfy his very strong desire for love and beauty.

He often hides his affection, or finds his feelings difficult to express or get across to the person he loves. Being openly affectionate and trusting often does not seem safe to Cristiano. He may feel his love will not be appreciated or reciprocated. Cristiano Ronaldo may get involved in secret love relationships or fall in love with a person who is quite unavailable to him. Cristiano Ronaldo has a very romantic, idealistic vision of love relationships and may be disillusioned to discover that no real, flesh-and-blood human being ever quite lives up to his dream image of the perfect love. Though Cristiano frequently fantasizes about love and romance - he may avoid becoming intimately involved with anyone or making definite commitments. When it comes to love, Ronaldo can be evasive and dishonest with himself and others.

He is prone to getting involved in highly intense, even obsessive relationships. At its darkest, this urge for intensity in the personal arena may compel Cristiano Ronaldo to choose friends or mates who are rather dangerous or dishonorable characters with a penchant for manipulating and inflicting pain on their loved ones. On the other hand, Ronaldo may be tempted to use his own sexuality or charm to play the same sort of game, to use love or friendship as a bargaining chip or to gain power over others. Even if his intentions are basically good, Cristiano Ronaldo will find that his closest relationships are rather tumultuous affairs in which some rather unsavory aspects of his character, such as jealousy and the desire to dominate or to be a victim, keep surfacing. These are qualities that need to be understood and ultimately outgrown.

Ronaldo's ties to his mother are very strong and Cristiano also seeks nurturing and protection from his spouse and other family members.

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