How To Prevent Windows Data Loss

by Garry Thomson - Date: 2010-09-24 - Word Count: 397 Share This!

Did you just face crashing of your Microsoft Windows 7 operating system? And are all your files trapped in that system, with you in a mess? No doubt, Windows 7 is an updated version of the ever so robust, and reliable operating system, it has some limitations? With more and more people relying on this great yet economical operating system, no one can deny the offerings of a Windows platform. Yet, no system is infallible, and is prone to some errors. An operating system is nothing but a software, and certainly likely to crash. But with effective Windows data recovery methods, it is possible for a user to recover Windows files, and folders.

To avoid problems follow the below guidelines:

Windows 7 uses high-end configuration. So make sure you have at least:

1 GHz processor
One GB (32 bit) RAM, or Two GB (32 bit) RAM
16 GB (32 bit) space, or 20 GB (64 bit)
And a DirectX 9 graphics device with WDDM 1.0 or higher drive

Make sure your device drivers are updated and compatible with Windows 7.
Ensure there is enough disk space.

Above points are not a sure guarantee for preventing abrupt problems that may surface, but certainly go a long way in preventing Windows crash, and the data loss situations that accompany such crashes.

But for people who are already facing data loss due to reasons not listed above, then don't worry. There are Windows data recovery methods available for you.

For starter, you'll need to try and start Windows in safe mode, then undo the last changes and restart your computer.
Damaged registry files might be a cause of the problems. In such situations you may have to opt for registry cleaning.
But, if the above steps, fail, then you'll need to format your system, and then reinstall Windows operating system. This will remove all the data that is saved in your hard drive, but also rid you of all the problems. After reinstallation of your OS, you can use your backup to recover Windows files.

But, if you do not have a backup, there is no need to worry as there are a number of comprehensive windows data recovery software available in the market.

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery is a complete data recovery tool with a number of options to recover Windows data. Compatible with NTFS, and FAT file system volumes, this software is very easy to understand and use.

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