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by Scot Standke - Date: 2007-02-21 - Word Count: 397 Share This!

The internet is a vast and mind boggling place full of ideas on how to obtain financial freedom. This may sound good, especially to someone who is new to the World Wide Web.

Newbies beware! You may be headed for financial ruin. Many of these 'ideas' are about MLM (Multi-Level Marketing). This type of marketing asks you to buy into a marketing plan promising financial freedom. Because there are several levels to this program those involved are usually asked to invest in every level . This can be a very costly, confusing endeavor and very often ends before you can make substantial money.

Affiliate Marketing offers a way to market that can have you on your way to financial freedom in a matter of days. You don't have to invest a great deal of money with this plan. In fact, you can start out without any investment.

The first step of this plan is accomplished without a product or website of your own. This is accomplished through affiliate marketing. There are literally thousands of web owners willing to give up a percentage of the sale price of the product or service they provide to those who will market for them and drive traffic to their website. Each time the site makes a sale using the link you provide, you are given a percentage of that sale. This can be as much as 75% of the asking price, sending you on your way to financial freedom.

When you have chosen an affiliate site to endorse, it is time to advertise. You will write an interesting article about this product or service. This article will have the perfect title to catch the attention of the consumer and the top search engines.

You will submit these articles to special sites that will get you listed on google's front page 90% of the time. This means you will be one of the first links seen by anyone looking for the product or service you are endorsing. There is a great chance the consumer will click the link you have placed in your article. If a sale occurs from this action, you will receive a commission sending you on your way to financial freedom.

You may become affiliated with many sites, you set the limit. Affiliate marketing also allows you to be on your way to making $100 a day and truly be on your way to financial freedom.

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