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There are three basic things that every modern household needs in order to stay in contact with the
outside world and to stay entertained. You most basic service is obviously a home telephone, but the Internet is increasingly necessary to stay in contact with other people and even for gathering information for your job or for you kids' homework. On top of that, cable TV is has also become the preferred method for getting entertainment.

Fortunately Comcast Cable can provide you and your family with all three of these services. The telephone service comes in the form of digital voice which is a vast improvement over the calling plans that most traditional telephone companies offer. The Internet service is a high speed connection that uses the same cable that delivers the TV channels to your home as for the cable TV service, but the cable TV service is what will probably attract you most to Comcast. There are actually several reasons for that. First of all, all of the channels offered in the cable TV packages are digital. Digital TV is a huge step above the more conventional analog TV signal in a variety of ways. The advantage that you'll notice when you first turn on your TV is the incredibly clear picture and high quality of sound. By comparison, even the best analog TV picture looks somewhat grainy or fuzzy. Another advantage of digital TV is that it allows Comcast to add various bonus features to its cable TV service. These bonus features include an on screen program guide that will tell you what's being shown in each time slot on each of the channels that you receive. You'll also have the option of setting up Parental Controls that will keep your kids from accessing some of programming according to any of a number of criteria that you choose. For example, you can keep them from watching movies with specific ratings, you can keep them from watching entire channels, or any TV at all during certain times of the day.

One feature that really adds value to Comcast's digital cable TV service is the ON DEMAND. ON
DEMAND from Comcast gives you access to an entire library of recent run movies that you can
choose to watch whenever you want in exchange for a small fee. Unlike normal Pay Per View,
Comcast's ON DEMAND lets you stop, pause, rewind, or fast forward the movie that you're
watching. That makes it much more versatile than normal pay per view, but you still don't have the
inconvenience of dealing with a video store when you want to watch a specific movie! On top of that, Comcast also lets you subscribe to over two hundred and seventy five channels!

Digital voice from Comcast also shouldn't be overlooked. That's because digital voice offers so much more than a normal phone plan. There are two main improvements that you'll see when you sign up for digital voice. The first improvement is that you'll get many of the features that other companies charge extra for, included free. These features are all of the ones that you've come to rely on in recent years. Things like caller ID, call waiting, and even voice mail are just part of the normal service with Comcast digital voice. You'll also get unlimited long distance included in your low monthly bill.

Bundle digital voice and digital cable together in the same low monthly bill as a great high speed Internet service, and you definitely have a winning combination from Comcast! The current Comcast promotions are terrific. It is time to switch to the best cable company with the best cable deals.

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