Hate Makeup? Try Mineral Makeup...It May Change Your Mind!

by Kat White - Date: 2006-12-03 - Word Count: 344 Share This!

If you've always hated the feel of traditional liquid foundation, never can find your right color, or just feel you don't have the time to apply it….there maybe another option perfect for you!

The solution is called Mineral Makeup and it is a new revolution in cosmetics that is sweeping the world.

Unlike your traditional liquid foundation, mineral makeup is not in a liquid form at all, it is a very fine powder, almost similar to pressed powder but much more dense.

Packed in this fine powder are pure minerals from the earth that are actually good for your skin. You apply mineral makeup with a brush or sponge applicator and buff it onto your face using a circular motion. You do not get the mess of liquid makeup and that oily feeling you usually feel left on your skin.

Mineral Makeup is very color forgiving and usually comes in basic shade names like light, medium, and dark. Even if you happen to pick the wrong shade, mineral makeup is very blendable and can be worked with. Unlike liquid foundations, mineral makeup does not leave a line of demarcation.

Mineral makeup also takes no time to apply. All you need is a makeup brush and a jar of mineral foundation and within 2 minutes your face is perfectly covered and your ready go…perfect for those with busy lifestyles. Applying mineral makeup could not be simpler.

The most notable claim from users of mineral makeup is how light and soft the mineral foundation feels on their skin. It really does feel like you are wearing nothing at all. For those that dislike makeup in the first place this is often reason enough to give mineral makeup a try. Mineral makeup does not clog your pores, and can even be worn overnight…try that with any liquid foundation!

Mineral makeup is become increasingly popular and may soon out sell liquid foundations all together. If you haven't worn makeup in awhile because you are tired of the hassle of applying traditional foundations but still want a polished look, mineral makeup may just be your answer.

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