Motivational Life Goals - Three Simple Success Techniques Taken From Fitness Programs

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1. HIT Your Targets With These Techniques

It is well known that you need the motivational drive to reach out and hit specific targets to succeed in your life goals. Much less well known are these simple techniques to make sure you are successful at hitting your targets - no matter what your goals and objectives.

You probably know that to successfully shoot an arrow right into the bulls-eye there are just two infallible methods. The first is to be a crack-shot. This needs lots of work, effort, practice, patience, persistence and talent to be successful. The second technique for success is to shoot first and then move your target to where the arrow lands.

But it's less well known that this second method is not the sneaky idea it seems. In fact, whatever your goals and objectives, it makes good sense. Let me explain.

2. MOVE Your Targets

There are many reasons to have a fitness workout schedule or to start a fitness program, for example. Key aims could be to look good, get fit, be healthy, be slim or to live longer. The core idea to grasp is that moving the target is the way to succeed in any of these. This means that you will:

1. extend and adjust your targets as you get fitter,

2. beat your targets (you'll see),

3. re-adjust your targets as you beat them.

In other words, you've now achieved a success momentum mechanism because the constant adjustment and readjustment of targets extends you further to hit a succession of targets.

3. BEWARE Of This Failure 'Technique'

A real success-killer is to go through the exercise program, or whatever, in a token manner. I sometimes see people reading while 'working out' on gym equipment! The snag is that not being committed is bound to lead to failure because such an approach lacks focus and application. It becomes a token routine. A whole new set of problems then arrives:

* boredom sets in

* the routine doesn't do much good

* no progress is seen

* no progress is made.

Finally, the so-called fitness schedule is abandoned. It bores the pants off you and it doesn't work. It's a failure. In truth, boredom and lack of success seem to me to be sound reasons to quit. But not quit as in Quit. Only quit doing it in a way that's sure to fail. To put it another way, whatever your aims in life, you need a technique to make sure you work at them smarter so you get the results you want. Working out how to get what you want is never boring.

4. SECOND Success Technique: Plan For Failure

Yes, you read that right. Note that it didn't say 'prepare to fail'. But it still sounds bizarre. Yet to avoid failure you absolutely must think out beforehand how to handle the problems that you know will hit you. Failing to do this is the second killer way to fail.

For example, your fat-loss target might include a healthy eating program to cut out all transfats and sugar. But along comes a craving where you are tempted to forget your aim completely. How do you handle this? Your best plan is to have a plan. So when a failure-threat comes along you already now what to do. For example, in this situation you might:-

1. immediately re-visualize and fix your goal in mind,

2. stop whatever you are doing and do something else (wash-up some pots at home; go and speak to someone across your workplace),

3. drink some water and/or eat a banana.

In other words, by thinking ahead about your own weaknesses and potentially difficult situations, you are able to work out in advance how to overcome them.

5. THIRD Success Technique: Target Events Not Dates

Aim to hit your targets at future events rather than dates as these are usually too impersonal and too regular. It's more meaningful, for example, to aim to lose X-amount of fat by the birthday of a relative/friend/neighbour/colleague in, say, 3 or 5 weeks time.

By breaking up time between targets like this it becomes more varied, interesting and purposeful. It also means that you can easily add new target events throughout the year, such as holidays, weddings, sports occasions or whatever. In fact, the year divides itself up with many events you could use like this. All you need to do is make sure you list your targets in a way that each one extends you a little further than the previous one.

Do this for three or four targets in advance with targets that push you further each time. Don't be stupid about this. Remember, it's a cinch by the inch but it's hard by the yard. So, if your aim is to get fit or slim, don't lose sight of the fact that no one goes from couch potato to world champ after 3 or 4 workouts. Bet you knew that, didn't you?

6. BEST Bit Last

You now have a system: moving your targets, planning for failure and using an event calendar. With fitness is the aim, this system puts the escalation of fitness gains at its core. It becomes impossible to fail. As a result, you really will:

* make faster progress become fitter get slimmer feel better * look better.

Best of all, when you've done all this, you ARE better.

So, Keep Moving Those Targets!

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