Many big businesses started small and so can you!

by E. Johnston - Date: 2007-02-19 - Word Count: 415 Share This!

There are many of us who would love to be our own boss. The best way to do this is to own a small business. There are many reasons this can be the best way. Not everyone is born into a family that owns hotels around the world. We have to start somewhere. The best place to start is to have a passion for something. It is surprising how many big businesses started as small business by people who were passionate about their product.

How to Develop your Business

As I said before it needs to start with passion for the product. Starbucks was started by people with a love for good premium coffee. Microsoft was started by nerds who liked to play with computers. Often an unusual hobby can turn itself into a business. People who love to fish can open a bait shop. The possibilities are endless, but you think there are big box stores out there that will crush your dream. That can be true unless you can offer something unique. Often with small businesses the biggest differences are knowledge of the products and customer service. These things can make or break a small business.

Where to Locate

Location, location, location, it can't be said enough. There are locations that a business is destined to fail and it doesn't matter how good the product is, if no one is willing travel to you. The best place to start is in a district with like businesses or complimentary businesses. If you own a fabric store, the best place could be next to a sewing machine store. You should be aware of parking and the different city variances where you want to locate. You don't want a place that will not allow trucks to be loaded or unloaded if you have large products.

Size of the Building

The size of the building you have your business in is important. You don't want one that is too small because it will look cluttered and messy. But if you have one that is too big you will be paying for space you're not using and it will look like you don't have the funds to stock your store. There are times when building yourself is the best option especially if your business requires some unique features. For example, if you are manufacturing heavy items and need over cranes to move things it would be better to build to suit your needs than to try to refurbish an existing building.

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