Something Smells - Not You, Is It?

by Ramon Vela - Date: 2008-08-20 - Word Count: 501 Share This!

I was getting a hair cut the other day and endured how the barber could only talk about the price of gas and the economy. It seems as if everywhere I go that's all anyone can talk about.

So, it is no wonder that some of us are a little scared, nervous about the future, etc. It's always being reinforced -- always being focused upon. Unfortunately, if you are a VAR entrepreneur, sales person or marketing person you don't have the "luxury" to engage in that stuff, to be negative.

You see, there is a universal truth:


I am sure you've heard the old saying, "the hardest sale to make is the one that you *have* to make". And, its opposite, "the easiest sale to make is the one you don't need".

If you have been in sales for any time at all then you know this is true and you've probably experienced it firsthand. I've lost many sales (in my younger days) from the ups and downs of my financial situation.

Luckily I'm in a much better situation now; plus I've learned to manage my emotions when it comes to selling. Nevertheless, some of you are likely having a hard time sounding positive and confident due to a slowdown in sales and lower commissions.

So let me offer you a method I learned to use so I would sound as confident as superman when it comes to selling.

I've been volunteering for years for a non-profit called Academy of Business Leadership. It is a group that teaches low-income inner city kids about entrepreneurship. It is, in my opinion, one of the best organizations around. This is something near and dear to my entrepreneurial heart.

What I realized is, whenever I finished volunteering, I felt like I was on top of the world. To see how these kids are like sponges when it comes to learning about business... To see just how much they appreciated volunteers being there for them... It is an emotion I can only describe as "walking on air."

I soon realized that being in this powerful state was something I could actually use to my advantage. So, what I started to do? I began scheduling sales calls right after my volunteering time.

What happened? I closed more sales, opened more executive doors than ever before. Why? I exuded confidence and power and people can't help but be awed, attracted, and in admiration of that type of confidence and energy. It just flowed from my voice through the phone and into their ears.

I don't know how else to describe it. I can't tell you how it works. All I can say is that it works - 100%. If you give of your time and energy and become passionate for what you are volunteering for, you will walk out of that place as if you are the most powerful man or woman on earth.

And who could say "no" to someone like that?

Now, go out and do yourself, your finances, and a local non-profit some good.

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