Troubleshoot Via Remote Control With Rollback Rx

by Jacob Henderson - Date: 2006-12-30 - Word Count: 425 Share This!

Rollback Rx lets you carry out your pc maintenance and fix computer problems both remotely and locally. You can program your updates, perform pc restores and configure all your PCs through remote control over the Internet. Rollback Rx is not hardware-dependant and to handle configurations it supports all Microsoft Windows operating environments including Windows 98, NT, 2000 and XP. You don't even need any specialized training to use Rollback Rx since it is very user-friendly software.

Keeping Your Data Intact

The most important thing for any pc user is the data, rather than the pc. With Rollback Rx you don't have to suffer any data loss when you encounter a problem with your pc. Computer settings can be restored to the second - right up to your last backup. It provides you with secure data recovery. User settings, along with operation system files are restored along with other hardware system related restores. Most of the system restore software restore only system files, some hardware drivers and certain other data but files are written off for good. With Rollback Rx, complete data recovery is what you can expect. Its snapshot system makes that possible. Rollback Rx clicks system configuration snapshots according to the schedule you set. You can also do it manually, but Rollback can be programmed to automatically click snapshots at specified events and frequencies. It does not take up much space on your hard drive since it operates at the sector level of the hard disk.

Restoring Corrupt Registry

Certain unauthorized downloads can corrupt your registry when you browse the Internet. Even in such situations, Rollback Rx can bring your pc back to the snapshot before the corrupted registry. Rollback Rx's capabilities are all unique because it does not depend on the operation system environment to perform its system restore. You can access Rollback Rx during the boot cycle if the operating system crashes and wont start up. Rollback Rx can monitor your disk input/ output. Because of this, your operating system can be restored when your pc is booting up regardless of how major the pc problem is.

We cannot avoid most of the problems we face with our pc - we have no control over viruses attacking our systems at times since they come in with legitimate software at times in spite of anti virus protection. Rollback Rx makes pc repair and application restorations very easy through the system configuration snapshots. The traditional system restore software depends on imaging, backup or duplicating data and this not only hogs space in your hard disk but also takes hours to restore.

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Jacob Henderson is the technical head of Horizon Data Systems and leading software development firm in the business of Desktop Security and PC performance enhancement software. During his more than 10 years of software development experience in various positions, Jacob Henderson has developed a large number of state of the art software and written numerous articles and reports. Jacob Henderson was one of the core team leaders, that is responsible for the development of user integration features of the flagship product of the Company-Rollback Rx Software. Rollback is available at

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