The Glamorous Indian Wedding Gowns

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Every woman wants to have a special wedding day with his knight and shining armor. She wants to have a perfect wedding ceremony from rings, the guest list, foods and of course the wedding gown. Every bride will try her best to make it the best, unforgettable and stylish event. It's every woman's dream to wear the most beautiful and elegant wedding gown on her most special day, her wedding day. It is really a challenge to choose the best dress to be worn on such special occasion. One of the most glamorous, cheerful and colorful dresses that can be worn on the d-day are the Indian wedding gowns.

An Indian wedding ceremony is known for stunning costumes, decorations, and ornaments. It is the reflection of the culture, customs and traditions of India. In every country, the clothes show and depict the personality of the people, the status in the society, the profession, the location, the climate and the economy. India has a rich heritage that can be seen through their dresses especially wedding gowns.

Indian brides can choose from different options such as gowns, Saree, Salwar Kameez, Churidar suit, Shararas, and Lehangas. These can be designed in various styles and patterns. There are different factors to be considered when designing a gown such as depending on the time of the wedding. Designers must be aware as well of the latest trends in Indian wedding customs to design appropriately the gowns at the same time the gown is still stylish and elegant. These types of gowns have lively and bright colors with different patterns and well decorated dresses. Most of the colors used in Hindu weddings are yellow, gold, red, blue, green, orange and maroon. It depicts the traditional custom of India. These gowns can be worn with crystals, jewels, hand made flowers customized to match with the gown.

A type of wedding gown is the Shararas which is an elegant long, ankle length skirts with blouse. Another one is the Lehengas that can fit in any body type that can be created in different styles and patterns that will suit the bride. This amazing gown boosts the natural beauty of the Indian bride. In this modern time, brides are can choose a Lehenga off the rack.

Another extremely elegant dress that can be worn as a wedding gown is the Saree. It shows the beauty and the femininity of the Indian women through its prints and colors. Most designers apply modern patterns that fit the new generation of Indian brides. Sarees can be expensive depending on the materials used. It can be made of satin, tulle, chiffon, lace or silk with embroidery.

The use of gold with Indian wedding gowns is usually worn on such special occasion. It is believed that ornaments made of gold have the power to purify all that it touches. Adornments in the form of other metals and gold can be combined with precious and semi-precious stones, beads and gems. By tradition, these Indian ornaments are economic status symbols which are worn both men and women. These ornaments play important role in the wedding ceremony because it is usually given to the bride at her wedding from her father.

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