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If it is hypoallergenic skincare that you are looking for, I have some information that you need. I also have some advice about choosing paraben-free skincare and other personal care products. Let's start with preservatives.

Preservatives are necessary in lotions, creams and other health and beauty aids, but the artificial ones are common allergens. Naturally occurring vitamin E and grape seed extract can effectively preserve oils and botanicals, without causing allergic reactions.

The average hypoallergenic skincare creams simply contain a "different" artificial preservative; different from the one that they use in their regular products. The most common preservatives, even found in products developed by dermatologists, are parabens.

After reports concerning the fear that parabens could play a role in cancer, paraben-free skincare products hit the market. But, most of them still contain an artificial preservative that is even more likely to cause adverse and allergic reactions. So, if the label only says paraben-free skincare, you have to found out what preservative the company is using.

When you need hypoallergenic skincare, you also need fragrance-free products. There are thousands of artificial fragrances and dozens of natural ones, which are commonly listed as essential oils. All of them, whether they are artificial or naturally occurring, cause allergic reactions. Essential oils can cause some really serious itching and ugly rashes.

I know that all of the terms that companies use can be confusing. "Essential fatty acids" for example are good to have in lotions and creams, but essential oils are not. The word essential can mean different things. When it comes to fatty acids, it means fatty acids that must be consumed through diet, as the body cannot create them. When it comes to essential oils, it means a solution that conveys the "essence" of the plant; essence meaning aroma. Maybe, that will help those of you that have been confused.

There is a new line of paraben-free skincare creams for the face and body that were developed by a company that is aware of all of the things that are necessary to support the skin's health and fully aware of all of the ingredients that can cause allergic and adverse reactions.

The line can truly be called hypoallergenic skincare. In fact, I would call it non-allergenic. No one is allergic to things like protein and vitamins. I doubt that anyone is allergic to grape seed oil or avocados. At least, I've never heard of it.

Not only is it a paraben-free skincare line, it is also free of artificial preservatives, added fragrances, dyes and other objectionable substances. They guarantee purity to their customers by testing each raw ingredient and each batch for contaminants like pesticides, which are often found in essential oils and other plant extracts.

The line was created for people that want to delay and repair the signs that often accompany age; things like wrinkles and lost firmness. But, it has obvious benefits for anyone, particularly those that are looking for hypoallergenic skincare creams and lotions. It's worth your time to look for it.

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