Lose Weight, Feel Great and Eliminate Illness with a Body Cleansing Detox

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Why do I need to do a body Cleanse?

Your body absorbs everything you drink, eat, and breathe. Therefore every cup of coffee, every breath of air, polluted or otherwise is pulled into your body and processed by your liver. Every cheeseburger, every bowl of ice cream, every breath you breathe of cleaning solvents your body must somehow categorize and process. Your liver is one of the most powerful and vital organs we have. It is important to keep it clean and free of toxins if we expect our bodies to perform at their optimal level. Likewise the need for a clean transport system as in the small and large intestines and colon are equally important. If your liver is clean and your colon is completely backed up anything that passes through the liver will get held up in the colon. What is a clogged colon like? Well picture a garbage can that never gets emptied, food is decomposing and rotting with nowhere to go and becoming a breeding ground for nasties like Parasites. Nobody wants to know about it but 85% of us have these critters inside feeding off of our food. How do they get there? Well they get there in many fashions, pets, kids, saliva as in kissing, semen, food, water, and the air.

Food is a huge component of this especially uncooked or food not properly cooked such as rare meat, raw fish etc. These parasites also feed upon all the refined sugar, fats and bleached flours in cookies, cakes, etc. Even if you eliminate most processed food it is on the fruits and veggies we eat to. Don't get squirmy and paranoid, it is okay we all have them but we need to send them packing. Why are parasites so bad for us? Well despite the gross enough thought that someone is feeding off of our food and leaving their waste products in our body, these little creatures are usually responsible for our illness. Another reason to keep your system clean is so that the overflow of toxic waste doesn't keep flow into your bloodstream. This is where things get ugly and we start feeling sick and not knowing why. As long as you have been alive your body has been accumulating all sorts of wonderful things, let's get them out!

Symptoms that let you know it is time for a Cleanse:

Many people have just gotten used to the way they feel accepting it as normal. Generally you'll feel sluggish, tired but not sure why, irritable. Feeling bloated after a meal, large or small is common as well as gas, burps, flatulence and stomach cramps. Most just write it off as food allergies, eating too much or poor digestion. Some of these things may be true but they often stem from the body not removing waste and others are from parasites that need to come out. Other symptoms are brain fog, yeast infections, headaches, Psoriasis, Eczema, and Acne. Others experience weight they cannot lose or a pooch (puffy lower abdomen) and try as they might with diet and exercise, cannot lose it. When your body can't process new food because it is clogged with junk you will feel tired and unexcited about life. It's no fun to walk around with illnesses that nobody seems to be able to cure. Or the medications you do take create more illness and further discomfort because of the impact they again have on the body.

How do I start Cleansing?

The best cleanse to start with is a proper colon cleanse. This involves more than a little fiber and eating veggies. To do this properly will take more than a 1-week quickie cleanse. I am not a Representative for any company, I'll simply make recommendations on good products that I've researched or used. One great cleanse to get started is Colonix by Dr.Natura. It provides the all-important fiber but it is more than psyllium, it also includes a whole host of other important ingredients to get that sludge moving out. There is a cleansing tea to help move the food along and aid in better digestion too. It also includes a herbal supplement called Paranil to remove all different varieties of Parasites from you and their eggs. I know this sounds terrible but do you want to keep all this in you? This cleanse can be done for 1-3 months and you can keep taking the ongoing supplements to ensure your body stays clean.

Once this is done you have now cleared the path to do a liver flush. The liver cleanse is important as your liver is a powerhouse helping your burn fat by removing fats properly and filtering all the other stuff we take in daily. Liver cleanses are easy to do and you'll feel great after it is all done. You can purchase a specific liver cleanse but the purpose is to remove believe it or not, fat sludge and gall stones, they might be tiny like peas or a bit larger. They will pass through and you can remove them safely. The following homemade recipe can be used with simple ingredients to accomplish just that.

*Perform this on a weekend when you have time to rest and get to the bathroom quickly when necessary. Also, use a hot water bottle or heating pad and place it on your liver area while doing the lying down part.

Squeeze grapefruit, lemons or limes to make 300ml of juice. Dilute with 200ml of steam distilled water, or filtered water. Chop one or two cloves of fresh garlic and 1/2 a teaspoon of fresh ginger root. Then press both together in a garlic press to release the juices. You can use teaspoon of cayenne in place of ginger. Add the pressed garlic and ginger to the water and juice mixture. Pour 300 ml of extra virgin olive oil into a warm glass. The process is to swallow 3 tbsp. of the juice mix and 3 tbsp. of the olive oil every fifteen minutes, relaxing between doses by lying down with the hot water bottle on your liver area. This heat helps to dilate the bile ducts in the liver to release the small stones and sludge from your gallbladder. The whole process takes some hours, so turn off the phone and just be patient. You might feel a bit of cramping or slight discomfort which is normal, it means the process is working. You can drink fresh water in between if you feel a bit nauseas. Just remember it took years to build all of this toxic waste up, let it out in its time. The cholesterol and stones will soon come out. If you are the curious type, feel free to inspect what is happening or just go through the process and enjoy just relaxing for a weekend. The day after your flush you should stay on a diet of freshly pressed vegetable juice, raw fruit and veggies and steamed or baked vegetables. Introduce other items like meats, fishes and dairy back in to your diet slowly. Once this process is done, you can do it whenever you like, every month, every season change, or every year to keep in tip top shape.

Household Ingredients to Prevent and Eliminate Parasites:

-cloves (I chew on them, although a bit spicy and swallow them with a glass of water. They kill only the eggs of parasites)

-pumpkin seeds (great for kids, these kill all sorts of parasite worms)

-garlic (eat cut up cloves of garlic as a natural anti-bacterial agent, also prevents some parasites)

-Fiber (start regularly taking a fiber mix or psyllium husks with lots of water to bulk it up and push junk out and prevent a breeding ground)

-grapefruit seeds (either chew on the seeds to open them up and eat them or buy the extract)

-Water with lemon (drink lots of it to help that liver detox and prevent a breeding ground)

Other Helpful Hints:

-eat smaller, more frequent meals for better digestion and ease on your liver

-try to use steam distilled water only, the chlorine in our water is atrocious

-use a digestive enzyme as it helps breakdown food for better assimilation

-eat 75% of your diet Raw as cooked foods lose most nutrients and digesting agents

-avoid refined sugars and breads, pastas, flour, rice to eliminate breeding grounds

When I first started learning about cleansing, toxic buildup, parasites and gall stones I thought I was going to be sick. I quickly realized I had many illnesses that truly all linked to my liver and organs not being clean. I started reading as much as I could in books and especially online. The picture galleries I saw were horrifying and gave me the creeps. I thought to myself what is worse, know that this is inside me and not doing anything about it, or cleansing to get it out and reap the rewards of good health and feel normal for once in 15 years? Even Naturopathic doctors I saw recommended cleansing but didn't stress it enough. They thought I might have allergies to wheat, gluten, dairy and refined sugar. Well guess what parasites feed off of?! It wasn't hard to figure out that I needed to attack this fast. So, I started my own journey with making my own salad dressings, non-sugar baked goods, homemade foods and cutting out dairy, sugar and refined grains. In addition I drank more water with lemon, had fiber daily and started cleansing with colon and liver cleanses. This may be the single most important thing you do for yourself and family.

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