What Is Homeopathy And How Does It Work?

by Jeff Clare - Date: 2007-02-26 - Word Count: 490 Share This!

What is homeopathy? The concept is very simple; cure an illness with minute amounts of what might actually be causing the illness itself, given in a single remedy. The base principle of homeopathy is that like cures like. One analogy would be snakebite. When a venomous snake bites a person, the cure often takes the form of anti-venom derived from the venom of the snake that bit the person. This theory works the same for allergies and vaccines. The patient receives a small dose of "what ails them" and the vaccine or shot helps to boost the immune system.

The second most preferred method of healing in the world is homeopathy. In contrast to herbal remedies, homeopathic remedies don't need the required three to four weeks to build up in a body and start working. Homeopathic remedies, when diagnosed correctly, can work amazingly fast.

Unlike over the counter drugs and prescriptions, there are no unpleasant side effects with homeopathic remedies. These remedies are safe enough for babies and pregnant or nursing women to use. The remedies will not interfere with any regular medication taken either.

The whole idea of homeopathy for the medication to work with your body to help it cure itself. Most conventional medicines mask the symptoms, or cover up the pain. You take an aspirin, your pain is gone, but the problem is still there. Got a cough? Take some cough medicine to cover up that tickle in your throat, but that does not necessarily mean you are cured of the base cause. Homeopathic medicine treats the illness as a whole, no one symptom becomes singled out and treated. By treating the illness in this manner, the cause itself receives treatment, thus effectively eliminating the illness.

Another plus to homeopathic remedies is they are not addictive. As soon as the symptoms stop and you start to feel better, you can stop taking the remedy. On the other hand, should you find that your symptoms are not going away, and then you are probably taking the wrong remedy and should look into using a different one?

So, what is the downside to homeopathy? Firstly, trying to find the right remedy to fit your symptoms can be tricky. For example, there is no across the board homeopathic remedy for headaches. To find your remedy you have to look at where the pain is centralized, what were the circumstances that brought on the headache and what makes it feel worse. Every aspect of an illness has to be considered before you can begin to narrow down your options for remedies.

Homeopathic remedies are widely varied and it would be impossible for a pharmacy or health food store to contain all of them. There are about thirty or so that are commonly used and these you can usually find easily. However, if your remedy is not one of these, then you might find yourself embarking on a very long search to find it.

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