The Funny Side of Politics: Political Bumper Stickers

by Mark Trumper - Date: 2010-01-28 - Word Count: 505 Share This!

Politics brings out the best and the worst in people, whether it is the candidates grasping for votes or the electorate themselves, but in any event, there is a great deal of fun to be had from watching the great democratic process in action.

One of the funniest aspects of the political arena is the number of political bumper stickers which make their appearance, not just at election time but whenever a "popular" politician is in office.

We should all be grateful for free speech!

So here is a selection of vehicular commentary on the political scene for your enjoyment:

George "W" Bush

Love him or hate him, George gave us more fun than any president since the last one. Bushism's litter the modern lexicon and here are just a few to cause a smrik or two:

•Bush - End of an Error

•Bush - Like a Rock, Only Dumber

•If You Can Read This You Ain't Our President

•Impeachment: It's Not Just For Blowjobs Anymore - oh, Bill! We'll get to you in a moment!

•We Need a President Who Is Fluent In At Least One Language

There are so many more, but it's just not fair to concentrate on Ole' George, so let's take a look at someone else.

Hilary Clinton

We could have take a look at her husband, Bill Clinton and "W's" predecessor, but Hilary provokes the kind of right-wing ire that liberals feel with Bush;

•Hilary - Just Like Your Ex-Wife, Only Bitchier!

•"Run Hilary Run!" - this was the best-selling political bumper sticker in New York because Republicans adopted it too - the difference was, they put the sticker on the front fender;

•GOPee on Hilary; and

•Monica's X-Boyfriend's Wife for President

Now we could go on for quite some time yet, but in the interests of political balance, it is only fair we make sure every political figure get's the same exposure.

President Obama

President Obama is suffering from what many presidents before him have experienced - a turn in public acceptance and approval after they get elected. President Obama is in the midst of major legislative efforts with the financial crisis and getting a healthcare system established, and both these areas are fertile ground for bumper sticker aficionados:

•Obamacare - 9 out of 10 Illegal Immigrants Prefer It;

•Nobama (the ubiquitous play on words);

•HONK! If I'm Paying Your Mortgage

•One Big Ass Mistake America

•So, How's That Hope and Change Working Out for You?

Not to worry, President Obama still has another three years of office to run, so there is plenty of time to iron out the kinks in any humor argument. At the next election who do you think will be running against him - Sarah Palin perhaps?

Ex-Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin

Going rogue seems to be what Sarah is all about these days, after quitting as the Governor of Alaska, ostensibly to spend more time with her family (or plotting on the takeover of the free world by becoming the first female US President).

No stranger to controversy, Sarah provokes the best and worst in people:

•I Can See Russia from My House (no she couldn't);

•Coldest State, Hottest Governor;

•I Wanna be Sarah's Intern!;

•McMilf 2008; and

•Pregnant Unwed High School Dropouts for Palin!

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