Houston Driveway Gate | To Swing Or Not To Swing

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Houston driveway gates come in 2 operational styles; Swinging and Sliding. Deciding on which style is the best for your Houston home is determined by your budget, maintenance required and space availability. Here's how you can decide on which Houston driveway gate is for you.


Wallets are not opening in Houston as freely as they used to so a home's budget will play a big role in deciding which style Houston driveway gate you should buy. Both styles can be about the same size and made of the same materials. The mounting and operation are what change the cost the most. Sliding gates require track and rollers whereas swinging gates only need hinges.


A swinging gate is the most maintenance free kind of gate. Even more so if it is a manual swinging gate because there is no motor or electronics to ever worry about. A sliding gate requires a clean track to avoid derailing. Leaves, branches or dirt can get into a track and prevent the gate from sliding freely and sometimes cause them to derail. Brushes can be purchased that sweep your Houston driveway gate every time it opens which helps to eliminate the problem.

Space Availability

Sliding gates require very little driveway space to operate. If you have fencing the gate will slide alongside to the fence. The ground must be level enough for the gate to operate smoothly. If there are any shrubs or trees in the way, they may have to be moved.

Swinging gates utilize a lot of driveway space to operate. If your driveway is 12 foot or less, then a single swing gate may be the best option. You want your gates to open in towards your property. You will need to make sure this path is free of obstruction.

You want your Houston driveway gate to sit far enough back that a car can get completely off of the road while waiting for the gate to open completely. If you have the gate open towards the street you want to be sure its far enough back that a car can be off of the street and have enough space for the gate to swing towards them.

Choosing which style of Houston driveway gate does not have to be a daunting task. Just take into consideration your budget, maintenance and space availability. This should make your decision much easier.

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