Pay Per Click Advertising - What Are The Pros & Cons?

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PPC advertising is a great way to get targeted traffic to your website instantly. This beats having to wait for your search engine rankings to increase in the case of SEO. And for those that don't want to write articles, PPC is very appealing as it involves less writing.

But PPC, like anything, does have it's pros and cons. Read on to find out what these are.


Get traffic to your website instantly: You can have traffic in as little as an hour. With other internet marketing methods such as SEO and article marketing, you may have to write and wait for traffic to increase. This is something not everyone is prepared to do.

Less work needed: You don't have to worry about doing things like SEO (search engine optimization). SEO requires a consistent effort in building backlinks and content for your site.

Less time spent: Things like SEO can take up a lot of your time because of the work involved in writing content, submitting it for backlinks and also submitting your site around the internet to build enough backlinks to get a ranking in Google.

PPC traffic is very targeted: You can advertise on any keyword (search term) you like. This means that the visitor is also more closely targeted to the product you are selling which means more sales.

Test a market quickly: You can test a market quickly and see the results you get without putting too much time and effort in. It is also easy to track your results with tools that Google provides.

Tailor your campaign exactly to your needs: You can run your ad in any country or language you want. And at any time of the day you want. This means you can explore a lot more options to make more money online.


Expensive: You are paying for each visitor to your site. If a good proportion of those visitors don't buy from you, then the traffic is wasted.

Lots of competition: It is getting more and more competitive which means higher advertising costs. This means less profit.

Stricter guidelines: Google are getting stricter with their quality control guidelines. They want sites to be more SEO friendly. This means that unlike in the old days, you will need to spend more time in making sure your site meets the guidelines.

Too many changes and uncertainty for the future: If you rely too heavily on PPC and the rules change, you could end up without traffic and a business. Google has been known to shut accounts without any warning.

Summing up
It is best not to use just PPC to generate traffic for your business. A good mixture of PPC and free traffic generation methods such as article marketing, will ensure your business has a solid long term future.

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