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by Caroline Telford - Date: 2008-07-30 - Word Count: 534 Share This!

What do you want to know about the LG Viewty? Whatever you say about it will not be enough. This mobile phone is one of the most beautiful phones created. The most striking thing about this mobile phone is that it looks exactly like a digital camera. The mobile phone is not only an exceptionally beautiful creation, but a very handy gadget as well. You could refer to any LG Viewty review to learn about this gadget.

1. Camera - most phones today comes with cameras. There is nothing new in this. However, the LG Viewty has redefined the digital camera mobile phone. It has added a scroll wheel, which simplifies the function of zooming in and out with the camera very innovatively. The camera is also equipped with auto-focus and flash for the best quality pictures. Even though the flash would not be able to cover large areas (due to its small size), when used within its recommended range of 2.5m it produces amazing quality pictures.

The LG Viewty has an auto-focus on the camera that is guided by a red light, which tells you when you need to click for best results. The downside here is that although the camera has an image stabilizer, it is not very effective when it comes to steadying movement. For example, you would not be able to take a photograph of a playing pet or children. The shutter closure is a little too slow for that and the image stabilizer does not help in capturing moving objects.

2. LG Viewty software - the mobile phone comes with LG PC Suite software with the help of which you could connect to your computer through USB and download or upload your favorite pictures. You can also connect with the computer with the help of Bluetooth. The software helps you to synchronize with the computer data, video, photo and other files.

3. MicroSD memory card - you can extend the memory of this phone up to 2GB so you can store all you want in your phone: games, music, photos, videos, data, and many other things you would like to carry with you. The LG Viewty mobile phone is meant to cater to every need you have; no LG Viewty review would be able to give you the complete picture.

4. Touch-screen command - the LG Viewty review would tell you that this mobile phone offers one more wonder: the touch-screen command. All you need to do is to touch the icons on the screen and you get the phone respond to you instantly. In fact, this particular thing is so addictive, that very soon you would forget to use the buttons. When the command is accepted the phone vibrates so very slightly, which is also so impressive. The LG Viewty touch screen is one of its best features.

Overall, if you look at the LG Viewty you will find an exceptional mobile phone, sleek, beautiful with a super large screen, 5 megapixel camera, and above all, a touch-screen that totally gets you addicted to it. No LG Viewty review would prepare you for its beauty and multiple utilities. Overall, this phone would give you everything you would look for in a mobile phone and a little more, too.

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