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 Books and magazines are considered to be our best friends that do not change, no matter what. But the technology today has changed our way of reading books in a conspicuous way. The emergence of audio books is the best example in this regard. Here readers need not to pay attention to every word they read, rather they just have to put on their electronic gadgets to realise the narration in voice form. Books encompass the risk of page loss and also demand a lot of time to be read. The audio form of the printed materials helps in getting rid of such issues.

 In the audio book we get a voice recording of the narration that is primarily spoken word and often based on a commercial printed material. Initially, the concept of audio books came in to being to help blind and illiterate people who could not read the printed word, however in 1980s it found a commercial purpose. Now book retailers and publishers have a new way to sell books in the audio form where reader finds something more than just simple reading. Sometimes the transition of the print into audio add some background music and let readers visualise the narration that seems like character himself is present before them.

 Talking about the format of audio books, they are distributed on CDs, cassette tapes, digital forms like MP3, Window Media Audio and Advanced Audio Coding. Many surveys have revealed the popularity of audio books, audio music and other audio programmes. Many radio channels are attractive enough to draw our attention, that really set the path for audio books and now over 50,000 titles on cassette and digital forms are in circulation worldwide.  It is very simple to create an audio book, sometimes it takes word by word reading that may omit the unnecessary distraction from the core plot. There are many professionals who lend their voice for recording, and the role of music and sound effects are also to be considered carefully. The synchronisation of readers voice with background music helps to visualise the context and environment of the story that is being narrated. It is the popularity of audio reading that forced to establish the Audie Awards that are given to the top nominees of the category who come with excellent production work.

 There are many portals that contain cheap audio book for all including best sellers volumes. Users can find a range of audio books that can be searched with the author names. Books like Harry Potter, The Last symbol, Treasure Island, Peter Pan, Twilight, King Arthur & the Knights of the Round Table and many others are good experience to listen in the audio format with excellent background score. There are many children's book, popular Fictions, even Bible can be accessed on a free audio books that not only save your time from reading but also let you do other works altogether. These portals also facilitate to compare the price of the latest audio books, so user can compare a range of prices and find the cheap and best deal.

 In a way the audio books have enhanced our skill of listening and sometimes readers would find something new to which they might have been unfamiliar in just simple reading. The option of downloadable books is very much in use in the era of information technology. So one can go for downloading of the favourite books and characters. Though, to purchase audio books on cassette or CD may be more expensive because of the lack of economy of scale in high print but the experience of listening to stories through the mouth of characters give a different experience to the readers.

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