The Hamam Brand - More Than Just Bathrobes

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The Hamam trade name is a successful Ottoman brand of cotton bath products, one prominent example being their range of luxury bathrobes, the company specifically recognised for the high quality of its products. Renowned for its traditional designs and eco friendly practices, the Hamam brand has justified its reputation as an essential luxury name.

The origins of the Hamam bath range come from a cultural direction, preceding the Denizli Hamam factory which saw its opening in 1950 . The name Hamam derives from the Turkish baths, or more specifically the Middle Eastern variant of the steam bath. These Hamam's were more than just places of cleansing however. Within the culture of the Middle East the Hamam was a place of certain cultural significance. They served as important locations of social gathering, ritual cleansing, and more. The great architectural achievements in the construction of the Hamam baths represent the value of this culturally significant practice. Turkish baths, much like the Roman variety, were soon adopted by the Western world as a high point of luxury by embracing the culture of the Hamam's Middle Eastern roots. The Hamam brand continues these cultural values through its range of traditional towels and bathrobes, produced in a traditional Turkish style, whilst focusing on maintaining high quality comfort and design.

The Hamam brand started operations in 1950 in Denizil, Turkey. The factory has a daily production capacity of 5000kg towels and bathrobes through the use of one of the most modern production lines in Turkey. The factory is integrated in a way which allows for the sizing, warping, weaving and dyeing of bathrobes and accessories alike to be preformed under the one roof . The Hamam range saw a successful 2007, when it became available in several exclusive Paris department stores and even entered its range into Harrods . The results speak for themselves.

The Ocean Organic Bathrobe is a fine example of Hamam design. Made to celebrate love for nature and pure colorful style, this robe is made from organic cotton, grown using methods and materials that have a low impact on the environment. This eco friendly technology is good news for the planet as it is for your skin. Hamam is also a great believer of Microban technology, an antibacterial protection eliminating potentially harmful bacteria, mould and mildew. Microban technology is used in a wide variety of Hamam products, supporting the brands dedication towards quality and cleanliness. Another good example of Hamam quality can be seen in the Sultan Bathrobe , a bathrobe designed with the plush and richness of fabric at the forefront . What else can you want from a bathrobe, soft comfort, soothing warmth and a classic stylish look - the Hamam designers really know how to make a top quality bathrobe. Indeed, the Hamam bathrobe is more than simply just a bathrobe, its origins alone make he design special, but it is how the robe looks and feels which establishes the brand, which we can only hope goes from strength to strength.

Hamam continue to ship high quality bath linen all across the world, and with their dedication to superiority goods it is plain to see the lasting appeal of their products. To see a range of Hamam bathrobes available now visit Amara, a firm supporter of the Hamam brand.

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