Three Ultimate Guide to Swept Out Nervous and Fear on Presentation

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Nervous is a very Popular virus in presentation world especially powerpoint presentation. In reality, nervous came from fear, if you feel fear on presentation in front of public, then you will get rounded by nervous. We have to know, the cause of fears :
-Bad preparation : Make you forget all the material and unable to answer audience question regarding you presentation material.
-Unable to speak in front of public : Make you drying up, or dying when saying a word in front of audience.
Fear is a mindset, come from your mind and solved by your mind also. Many people who have prepared their presentation material well, but they get failed when present it, because of nervous which came from fearless. We can minimize or even eliminate nervous by:

1. Control your mind, change your mindset. Do not you ever make a perception, presentation is a scary marry thing. Presentation is very interesting and this is the path for you to success. See your audience as your family, not stranger. Enjoy every part of your presentation.

2. Be well prepared, many people get nervous when they present material which they do not know what is it. Good preparation to get deep understanding about your presentation material will significantly increase your confidence level. You can get deep understanding about your presentation material with browsing , searching and learning about the material you want to present. If you have get it well prepared, you will never feel nervous again.

3. Practice always. Fluent speaking when presentation is the skill of people who have or often speak in public, so do not feel any shame to practice your presentation in front of your parent, your family or your friend to make you familiar with public presentation. Do it every day or anytime you can, until you were sure that you have eliminate the famous virus in presentation world, nervous.

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