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Prepare a time schedule considering how much time you are going to work in a day. It takes a little time to get started with winning jobs on the net. Set realistic targets for yourself to avoid a feeling of discontent with your decision to do data entry jobs online.

Legitimate work

There are a large number of data entry job options available on the net. You need to ensure that the site from which you are taking work is legitimate. You can do this by validating the website before you start the work. This is important since it is possible for a good looking website to turn out to be a scam posing as a site for data entry jobs online. Check anti-fraud sites to ascertain that the site you are planning to register with does not show up in their lists.

Type of work

Normally, the type of work that you get on the net is in the area of report preparation, correspondence, database preparation, survey responses and similar work. Sometimes, you may come across projects that involve analysis of huge databases. Data entry jobs online are exacting. In some cases, two individuals are given the work of entering data. The completed work is automatically checked with the work of the second individual. The expectation is 99.9% accuracy. If your output is found to be inaccurate, the work is returned to you for revision.

Time spent on work

Another thing to know is that data entry jobs online are time consuming. You are likely to find yourself with eight to ten hours of work. Deadlines are strictly to be followed. If you find yourself unable to be on time, you must engage in discussion with the client and get an extension. The client will give you a bad rating on the site if you are not in a position to satisfy the requirements that you have agreed to at the start.


Research this before you make an estimate of your earning capability. The fact is the workload is high while the pay is average. If you possess skills that go beyond data entry work, advertise the fact and apply appropriately. Data entry jobs online are posted by customers who are looking for accurate work at a cheap rate. They are looking to do away with hiring an individual and paying the minimum salary by offering the work online at an even lower rate. This work is lucrative when you have a large customer base with steady work flow.

Making it work

Some people take up large ongoing assignments and sub-contract the work to others. This is an effective way to ensure accuracy by taking responsibility of checking the data without doing the data entry. Smaller jobs are taken by individuals who are sure of their capability of giving good output without the need for a separate person to check. These are ways to make this work option lucrative while permitting you personal time and removing the need for going to a workplace.

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