Six Ideas for Finding Your Maternity Swimwear

by Amy Jarman - Date: 2008-08-26 - Word Count: 678 Share This!

If you plan on doing any swimming while pregnant or going to beach vacation destinations, one item you will need for sure is a maternity swimsuit. Although you may be able to get away with some non-maternity clothes such as empire tops or even squeeze into your husbands jeans for your regular wardrobe, you certainly don't want to try and fit into your pre-pregnancy bathing suit or even think of wearing your husband's swimwear! Here are a few tips to keep in mind when shopping for a maternity swimsuit:

1) If you are buying your maternity swimsuit early in your pregnancy, then buy a little bigger than you need. Although you don't want your suit to fall off or sag in the water and you certainly do want bust support, just remember that a tight fit will only get tighter as you progress in your pregnancy.

2) Buy a maternity swimsuit with plenty of stretch - especially where you need it in the belly, bust and hips. A lot of women forget that their bust size will increase, so you need a suit that will have enough room and support in the bust. Also, look for suits, such as styles by Prego Maternity, that are 20% Lycra, which will allow the maximum stretch.

3) If you are bigger in the hips, look for side tie options. Many women are not the same size from top to bottom, so if this is the case with your pregnancy figure, look for a suit with adjustable side ties for the hips. Many Hipkinis and Tankinis have this option for the bottom bikini.

4) If you plan on doing serious lap swimming, buy a one piece suit. Although strapless minis and cute babydoll suits can look great on the beach, these are not the best suits to wear in the pool for lap swimming. The Empire Tank by Prego Maternity is a super supportive and slick one piece suit that is a great option for lap swimming or water aerobics. Many women who plan on spending a lot of time at the pool or beach buy two suits - one for fashion and one for real swimming.

5) If you are bigger in the bust, make sure you get a suit with adequate bust support. Look for suits that have wider shoulder straps that are adjustable. Suits that come up higher in the back or even have an added bra-like clip support in the back, will give you more support in the bust. If you already are bigger in the bust, remember that you may increase up to a full cup size or more when pregnant. Also, look for suits that have some slight padding in the bust that will give you smoother shape and not show through when wet.

6) Don't forget about swimsuit accessories. Maternity swimsuit cover-ups are an easy item to throw on over your maternity swimsuit when going to and from the beach and pool and can even double as great loungewear. Maternal America makes a number of great style swimsuit cover-ups and tunics as well as Board Shorts that can be worn over Bikini Bottoms. BelaBumBum makes some really stylish bikinis too.

Finally, don't forget to try on your suit before you grab it for a vacation. Your pregnancy body changes at a rapid rate, so a suit that fit you perfectly 2 months ago, may suddenly be too small for you when you arrive at your vacation destination. Also allow enough time to shop for a maternity swimsuit before a trip because many maternity stores do not stock maternity swimsuits year round and it may take over a week to get one shipped to you when buying online. Also, you want to make sure you like your purchase when buying online, so allow time in case you need to exchange for another style or size.

Most of all do not let the task of maternity swimsuit shopping keep you from the pool or beach. Once you find the suit that is perfect for your body and style, you will feel confident wearing it. Enjoy the water!

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