What About The Zone Diet?

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What Are Gums?

Gums that are common food additives are also water-soluble, found in stems and seeds of some tropical plants. In general, fruits are higher in pectin and vegetables are higher in cellulose. Although cellulose and hemicellulose are not hydrolyzed, intestinal bacterial can digest some fiber to produce lipid fragments known as short-chain fatty acids. These fatty acids are absorbed in the colon and yield energy when metabolized.

Eating Yellow Fruits

Yellow fruits such as pineapple and papaya contain large amounts of both vitamin C and vitamin A giving a generous boost to your immune system. One half cup of pineapple delivers almost half the daily recommendation of manganese yet weighs in at only 40 calories. Think yellow bell peppers for vitamin C. A one-half cup serving provides 300% the daily recommendation of vitamin C. That's a lot of antioxidant power.

Is the Atkin Diet Healthy?

The vast majority of studies show the Atkins diet to be extremely healthy, in comparison to other conventional weight loss and lifestyle diets. Nearly every study shows the Atkins diet the winner in reducing cholesterol, triglycerides, and blood pressure. In addition, many cases of acid reflux, sleep apnea, and diabetes have either had the symptoms reduced or completely disappear while on the Atkins diet.

How Much Weight to Lose?

The amount you lose in a week or a month is not as important as a steady weight loss. Losing more weight than that is potentially dangerous. Yo-yo dieting , losing weight and gaining it back to get out of starvations mode, than losing, etc. may be as dangerous as being overweight.

Cramps in the lower limbs, restless leg syndrome and sleeplessness are all eased by the addition of calcium and magnesium to the diet. Magnesium is more easily absorbed by the body in the form of dolomite, or with the addition of calcium. People who are too busy to eat properly, nursing or pregnant mothers and children who refuse milk and are picky eaters should all take calcium supplements.

What About the Zone Diet?

The Zone Diet consists of watching what you eat to maintain proper insulin and is similar to the concepts of low-glycemic dietary principals. Barry Sears, a former researcher in biotechnology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, believes that controlling the levels of insulin will lead to a health happy life.

Avoid Processed Carbs

Most of us tend to overdue it on processed carbs. We drink too much soda instead of good clean water, eat drive-thru twice a day, and then come home for a dinner of chicken and mashed potatoes (from a box). This is not a balanced diet! The carb level on a day like this is through the roof! Really, the only thing good here was the chicken (protein) and possibly that little burger that was in-between all that bread and fries from the drive-thru!

Detox diets vary, but they typically advise restriction of the diet to raw vegetables, fruit, water and yoghurt
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