Making Music: Swaying the Crowd With your Tracks

by Sarika Kabra - Date: 2007-04-06 - Word Count: 558 Share This!

Your parents may never forgive you for your career choice but being a Disc Jockey is a great way to make a living. If you have a passion for music and can build a great rapport with the crowd DJ'ing might just be your calling. Think about all the advantages you will be enjoying if you choose to take it up as a regular job.

Advantage No.1: You will still be able to maintain and manage a Full-time job. Most DJ's play at night, since the hottest spot for action, the clubs are busier during nighttime. As a result you can work wherever you like during the day and then finally head off to the club at end the day on a musical note.

Advantage No.2: The job pays handsomely, and for almost no effort on your part. If you are a music enthusiast playing good tracks and making them sound better should be a cakewalk for you.

Advantage No.3: Total freedom in your work zone and an equal amount of space to help spread your creative wings. DJ'ing ensures a quick and easy flow of money. Gigs are popular and thus most DJ's make money hand on fist. With the cash flow taken care of you can easily try out new things to suit your own creative taste.

Advantage No.4: Whether you are playing at a club or at a wedding you will be getting oodles of those complimentary drinks and food items constantly, so party on Bro.

If DJ'ing sounds like your cup of tea here are a few pointers. Begin by broadening your musical horizon. As a DJ you will be expected to play a lot of music, many of which may not suit your personal taste. To equip yourself for this challenge get your hand on all the music you possibly can.

As you probably know not all music works on the dance floor. Decide what is to be your forte, is it Trance that you specialize in? Or is it Hip-Hop? Are you eager to experiment with funk? Or rap?

For anyone looking to be a DJ, good music recording software is a must. A number of top DJ's also have his or her own recording studios but this is obviously not an option for everybody. If you do have access to a recording studio however, do make good use of it.

Now, the rest of your requirements will depend on whether you are looking to be placed in a disco or a club or whether you choose to be mobile. Mobile DJs play for various events such as high school reunions, parties, socials, proms, weddings, private parties etc. They usually carry their sound recordings in some preferred medium, such as MP3, midi file etc. on compact discs or vinyl records or in MP3 compatible devices such as an iPod. To playback the recorded music mobile DJ's require at least 2 playback devices so as to ensure continuous playback.

On the other hand if you are a permanent DJ at a club or a disco you will have your own console with a turntable, and will thus not have to carry your own playback devices.

So what are you waiting for, if music be the food of love go ahead and play on. And this time watch the crowd sway to your tune!

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The author is passionate about music and loves experimenting with it. A wannabe disc jockey, she keeps up with the latest in free music software. She has a home recording studio set up in her house.

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