Residential VoIP - Benefits in Comparison to a Conventional Telephone

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A common scenario these days is having a loved one abroad either studying or working. While the person might have gone overseas for some purpose, he/she might get to feel very lonely as the new atmosphere is quite alien and nobody among family or friends are close by.

In such a scenario, the sole rescue is the telephone. This is a great way to communicate and keep in touch with near and dear ones. But, this can get very costly if done on a regular basis. So, in order to cut costs, the person will have to restrict from making calls frequently. But, now there is a new answer to such problems. One can make frequent calls overseas at much lesser rates than calling over the telephone.

Yes, the answer to this is Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP. This system allows a person to reach out to anyone anywhere in the world free of cost as long as both have a computer. Nowadays, there are computers in every home which makes it much simpler to have VoIP. All one needs is to have a efficient and fast internet connection through cable or DSL. This will ensure that the calls received are crystal clear and very quick.

The greatest advantage VoIP provides and the reason why many people are opting for VoIP in their homes is the expense. It is definitely much cheaper to call over VoIP in comparison to a conventional telephone. Also, you get to enjoy additional benefits and facilities that are generally not provided with a regular telephone. Many people, especially the older generation hesitate to try out many new technological advances because they feel they cannot understand how to use some of the modern gadgets. But, this is not the case with VoIP as it is very similar to the regular telephone.

Earlier, VoIP was only available for business purposes but it is now available for residential purposes. The rate plans vary depending on the nature of usage. There are many service providers giving residential plans and you can search the internet to get more information on them. You will be asked to purchase a device called the Adaptor box (ATA) that will connect your internet connection with the telephone. Before you get into using VoIP, it is best to read up more about it and become familiar with some relevant information about the VoIP system. This makes it much simpler for you to use the system later.

With traditional phones, you need to pay for calls that will add up to your monthly bills but this is not the case if you are using a VoIP phone. With VoIP, you get to make calls that have great voice quality and very dependable without having to bear an additional charge.

While using a landline, there might be some added charges that skyrocket your monthly bills. Service providers of VoIP give the options of various packages that enable each and every user to opt for one that suits their needs. While some packages might include any number of local calls or overseas calls others provide features like 3-way calling, call forwarding, call waiting, caller ID, e911, voicemail, etc. Such features and facilities are generally not provided with a conventional telephone.

While looking for a package that suits you, you need to assess your requirements and the budget. Once you have analyzed this, you can look for the service provider that gives your requirements at the budget suited for you. You can take the help of contacts who are using VoIP already to get more information from them.

While knowing the benefits from this system, you should also know the downsides to the VoIP system.

VoIP system is not compatible for use with a fax machine. For this reason, both of them cannot be used at the same time. Also, VoIP needs power unlike a conventional phone line. So, if there is a blackout, you will be stranded and not be able to handle calls if you do not have any source of power backup.

If you are happy about the advantages the VoIP system provides, then you can think of going in for one. It is especially useful if you have any near or dear one in the family living abroad for any purpose. It will reduce the limitations of distance and help you stay in touch.

VoIP can be used to make calls from a computer to a conventional landline or a mobile phone. This depends on the plan you have opted for with the service provider. You will need to pay something extra to your monthly bills but it is definitely less expensive in comparison to landline costs.

If you have the need to make long distance calls on a regular basis, a good option to take up is to take up residential VoIP.

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