How Giving Away Freebies Can Double Your Business In 90 Days!

by Steve Shulenski - Date: 2006-12-05 - Word Count: 575 Share This!

When you give something of value away for free it is human nature to reciprocate the favor by purchasing from you now or in the future.

Put your thinking hat on and see what low cost item you can come up with to give away to your prospects and customers. What goes around comes around!

Example: My wife publishes a little "Coffee Restaurant" newspaper. On several occasions she has given away free ads to new advertisers and most will go on to advertise in future issues.

Example: Photography. I offered to take and give away free portraits of peoples pets to raise funds for Guide Dogs for the blind. The local newspaper did a full-page article with photos which resulted in several portrait bookings plus I sent copies of the story to all the pet groomers in my area offering their customers a Free 8X10 portrait by appointment only.

Most people wanted to have their pet groomed before the portraits are taken which meant more profits for the groomer. When the customer returns to pick up their Free portrait they can"t help themselves from purchasing the extra prints I show them". Typical result is an average order of over $200.

With the people portraits we do I printed up gift vouchers that entitled the bearer to a Free One Hour Professional Photography Session Plus a Free 8X10 of their entire Family Group. Again… when they return to pick up their free 8X10 they can't help but spend another $200 to $500.

We custom printed gift vouchers up for each of the advertisers in my wife's little Coffee House Newspaper to give away to their customers. When the customer redeems one to us we take the portraits… sell the extras and give each customer at least 3 to 5 gift vouchers for the same offer. Our customers love to show their pictures around and give their friends one of our Gift Vouchers.

Three months ago we had to go seeking photography clients. Now people are calling us almost every day to get a Free 8X10 Family Portrait taken just in time for Christmas! Now we have a great business going without investing a single dollar on expensive newspaper or yellow page advertising.

Example: With my Network Marketing MLM Opportunity I send out free samples of the product because it's something most people already use and want. So when they receive a free sample and realize that our product costs far less and is of higher quality than what is available in any retail store, they want to become retail customers! Once they become a product user most choose go on to becoming a dealer because giving away free samples sure beats all the over hyped over priced competitors and their sales tricks. No one likes to have someone try to sell or close them on a so called "Income Opportunity" but everyone loves to buy a good deal. I give away free samples of my products and let my prospects simply decide for themselves if they want to do business with me or not.

A great way to use this idea is to advertise a 24 hour free recorded message. Advertise that people can call the recording to request a free sample of your product or a free report. Then send them your free sample and follow up to see if they would like to become a customer or client.

So who can you do a joint venture with and what can you offer for free?

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