A Strict NO NO Alliance Of Diabetes And Alcohol

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The main aim in the life of a person who is suffering from diabetes is to control his blood sugar level. In fact this is a very important for a diabetic person.

Well, condition of your diabetes largely depends on the food that you consume with the type of beverages that you depend upon. Almost all food products have some or the other effect on your diabetes. The effect that I am talking about here is not only the negative effect. For, there are some food products that are very good for treating your diabetes.

However, some things are so bad for your diabetes condition that they can even counter the effect of your medication. One such beverage is alcohol. Alcohol has an indirect effect on your diabetes management.

I am not saying that alcohol is all bad for your health, but when taken immoderately it can be dangerous for you. Alcohol produces a dehydrating effect on your body. Besides this, it is very high in calories. High calories means increase in the body weight and more amount of fat in the blood. So if you cannot manage your diabetes properly, my sincere advice to you is to stay away from alcohol.

But if you are good with handling your diabetes, then you can take a breath of respite. But still there comes a strict guideline for you. If you are a man, then you are eligible to have one to two drinks in a day, while for women it should be one drink a day. For people over 65 years of age, the limit is single drink a day.

Alcohol has a tendency to move through the blood stream without getting metabolized. Alcohol in the same form passes through the liver. Our body has the capacity to break only one ounce of alcohol in an hour.

Eating less and consuming more of alcohol can thus cause hypoglycemia in the diabetic patients, as alcohol works in the direction of lowering the blood sugar levels. When such a condition occurs, the liver starts converting the reserved carbohydrates into glucose. This glucose then slows down the already 'low glucose' reaction that is already taking place in the body due to medication.

Always try to maintain sensible drinking levels. And remember never to drink on an empty stomach. Alcohol requires a rich meal.

While talking about the types of drinks that will suit well to your diabetic condition, the red, white wines are acceptable in moderate amounts. Even sherries and light beers are perfect for moderate consumption. Talking about the hard form of liquors, whiskey, vodka, they can be mixed with sugar free mixers. There is present a high content of sugar content in the wines and ports, so they become a strict no no for diabetes patients.

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