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Because soundtracks are common among movies and television shows, it is expected that there will be certain songs that will stick to a viewer's mind even without meaning to. This is especially true with television shows, since viewers hear these songs on a weekly basis (sometimes even more). These theme songs are used during the show's introduction, although they are also used during the end credits for some shows. These songs, especially if the show is popular, are iconic, often reflecting and illustrating the success the show has achieved.

Perhaps a theme song that illustrates this is Cheers theme song "Where Everybody Knows Your Name." The lyrics of the song are relevant to the show-Cheers is titled after the bar that serves as the setting for the show. Note how this concept and the lyrics of the show jive: "Sometimes you wanna go/ Where Everybody Knows Your Name / And they're always glad you came / You wanna be where you can see / Our troubles are all the same / You wanna be Where Everybody Knows Your Name." Today, this song and its lyrics are well known. The song is still used as a part of gag, most notably in the sitcom How I Met Your Mother in American network CBS.

Another theme song that has achieved a similar success is the theme song from the NBC sitcom Friends. The song "I'll Be There For You" Again, the lyrics of the song are relevant to the story of the show-as everyone knows, Friends is about a group of friends who reside in New York City. Performed by The Rembrants, the song is about sticking with your friends even during the most difficult. And like the show, the lyrics also have a humorous take: "So no one told you life was gonna be this way / Your job's a joke, you're broke, your love life's D.O.A. / It's like you're always stuck in second gear / When it hasn't been your day, your week, your month, or even your year."

"I Don't Want To Wait," with music and lyrics by Paula Cole, was also a popular theme song. It served as the theme song for teen show Dawson's Creek, but its popularity reached way beyond the song's fan base. In fact, the song was a radio hit, and it reached top spots in the Billboard charts. In fact, it became top 11 in the US Hot 100 of the Billboard charts, and top 3 in the Hot Adult Contemporary Tracks list of the US Billboard. The entirety of the lyrics of the song doesn't really have anything to do with show, with lyrics that go "She had two babies. One was six months, one was three / In the war of '44. / Every telephone ring, every heartbeat stinging / When she thought it was God calling her. / Oh would her son grow to know his father? " But chorus of the lyrics fit better: "I don't want to wait for our lives to be over /I want to know right now what will it be. / I don't want to wait for our lives to be over / Will it be yes or will it be sorry?"

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