War, Death and Hope (Three Obscure Poems)

by Dennis Siluk - Date: 2006-12-27 - Word Count: 259 Share This!

Introduction: Here are three of Dennis' December poems, one on the sound of war, one on the Wings of Death and one of obscure hope, all very interesting. Rosa

"Deeper Than Thunder"

(a Poem on the Sounds of War)

(Rockets) Each blast-a deep concussion, soundless waves felt under my feet, up and down m spine. My whole body absorbed the deep-thunder; the wheels in my mind, creak, shaken by debris flying about; charged air fills my chest, muscles are trembling. The sound of the air-blasts rolls over the landscape.

Note: Vietnam (1971), was my war you could say is no different than any other war, the sounds of bombs, rockets, guns, whatever; they carry a distinct "ka-phoom! (occurrence!)," to say the least. So to all the soldiers out there, the sounds of war will stay with you forever. No: 1587 12-26-2006

"If Death Had Wings"

(A poem on Death)

If I saw death, and death had wings
I know where I would go-
Someplace between Heaven and Hell,--
In the form of an eternal soul:
Where Peace and hunger was no more-;
If only death had wings
That is where I'd go-!
Yes, that is where I'd go!
If only dearth had wings!
Wins, wings, wings-
I'd put them on my soul.

Note: No: 1562 12-10-2006

"Gray Oblivion"

(the Root of Hope)

In the sunlight
Hope thrives best-
In the fog, it

Does not at all-.
Self-interest and
Self- preservation
Is stronger than hope,

And once it takes root,
Hope opens its jaws.
Thus, one can say,
Hope and Reality

Thrives on nothing,
And nothing blossoms
In the jaws of death.

No: 1567 12-11-2006

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