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Zhang Yimou directed the Beijing Olympic Games beautiful, so our first insight into the interpretation of Art brings with LED visual impact. Is called the green LED light source is not only energy-saving environmental protection, and long life, small size, suitable for almost all the necessary lighting, hence the rapid rise.
International Olympic bright lighting in this area for 10 years, mainly to provide lighting solutions for commercial, early established in the United States, after the headquarters moved to Hong Kong, the next most important of the five cities entered the domestic market development. From the outside-track development, we can clearly see that the transfer of market potential.
The Chinese government has just defined the energy saving goal by 2020, the unit GDP carbon emissions below 2005 levels by 40% to 45%. This means that each company will share the green duty immediately to quantify their energy saving targets. The bright lighting in the Austrian International Co., Ltd. General Manager Chen Changde it, this will bring enormous business opportunities for lighting, more and more enterprises to calculate and manage the cost of lighting their own.
Reporter: LED Lighting how opportunities and competitive environment like?
Chen Changde: very, very large domestic market potential and also to swarm on a lot of business, the competitive environment is not standardized. Project bidding competitors we often encounter commitment to the customer warranty 7 years or 10 years, we have in this area for 10 years and know that this is almost impossible, if things continue the reputation of the entire industry will have a great negative impact.
Reporter: In such cases how often do you?
Chen Changde: somewhat helpless. We value sustainable management, so to adhere to the principles of their business and reputation, can only preach to the enterprise over the LED lighting what is right and what is valuable solution. The market also need to keep education.
Reporter: commercial lighting solutions that give businesses what the real return?
Chen Changde: We did a lot of banks, convenience stores and corporate headquarters of the reconstruction project. For example, many of Japan's 24-hour convenience stores, each store an average of 100 to 150 lamps, LED is more environmentally friendly than ordinary lamp, energy saving, long life, it can be used to save electricity, lamp replacement labor costs, heat less can reduce air conditioning use. There are lighting effects, half of Hong Kong, home to restaurants to use our LED lamps, half of the traditional lamp, the Hong Kong people love to eat pork, sweet and sour pork, barbecued pork bun under the LED light color is more red, people eat more appetite. Such as chocolate shop is like to use LED, traditional lamp will have a lot of heat, allow chocolate to melt.
Reporter: docking with the actual needs of business process, you will encounter any confusion?
Chen Changde: just talked about competition irregularities, there is the LED lighting business to the more limited understanding, many people think, LED should be able to see a kind of a particles, in fact, from the appearance, LED lights and the general tube are not very different. We have encountered a client, he said, could see particles can made of the lamp, or LED had changed his boss can not see.
Reporter: When the company hesitated, the you how to allay their fears?
Chen Changde: enterprises generally first consider the price, the investment is worthwhile. Enterprise saving lighting over the past little attention, build a building, do consider the most power projects are elevators, air conditioning, lighting is in fact a very large, one floor, there may be hundreds or even tens of thousands of light points . We believe that the future businesses will energy conservation as a primary purpose, because environmental protection is to pay a certain price. Of course, cost is also important, and we do housing reconstruction project, usually done first layer, the calculation of actual energy saving results the next, and then a gradual manner.

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