Pet Supplies - Where to Start?

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Pet Supplies - Where to Start?

Whether you have one budgie or a house full of cats and dogs, you will need a regular source of supplies for your pet. Food, bedding, litter, clothes, beds, cages - the list is nearly endless.

What Will I Need?

Pet supply requirements obviously vary considerably between different types of animals, and some animals will have more specialist requirements than others. In this article we will concentrate on the kind of supplies that cats and dogs typically need, as these animals are by far the most popular choices as pets.

A Boy's Got To Eat!

Whatever the sex of your pet, they should have a reliable appetite and you will need a reliable supply of good quality pet food. Buying poor quality food or feeding animals on human leftovers tends to be a false economy, as these foods are not as well-balanced nutritionally as good quality branded foods, leaving your pet more vulnerable to some health problems.

You will also need dedicated food and water bowls for each pet to ensure they all get the right portions.

It's Playtime!

Whether it's for training, relaxation, learning or to prevent them becoming bored, cats and dogs like to have something to play with, and you will probably end up with a selection of different toys for your pet.

Choices include toys to catch, toys to chew on and toys to cuddle up with at night. For dogs that are going to be left alone, novelty toys containing hidden treats can help prevent them getting bored and restless. A good pet supplier should have a range of different toys for you to choose from.

Groomed For Success

Most animals require some level of grooming, and dogs and cats are no exception. Exactly what is required will vary from one breed to another, but you will probably need some kind of brush, comb or grooming mitt, and for dogs you may need things like shampoo, toe nail clippers and hair trimmers.

Pet Furniture

We all like a cozy bed to spend the night in, and domestic animals are no exception. Dogs and cats appreciate the comfort and familiarity of their own dedicated bed, and you should plan on each of your pets having a bed of their own.

Where to Get It All

There are three main choices of supplier for the typical pet owner:

Your local pet shop
Online pet supply retailers
Pet Superstores

If you have a good pet shop locally, then stick with it. The staff should be a good source of friendly advice. Otherwise, online retailers of pet supplies can offer great value and a huge choice, with convenient home delivery. Pet superstores can also offer a wide choice, although they aren't always very convenient to get to.

The best way to find out what suits you is to try them all - so happy shopping!

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