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European domains is expected to go quickly and anyone interested in such domain names needs to stay on top of the game in order to secure their place in the every changing Internet world. Let’s take a look at what European domains are and why they are so promising:

1. The new European domain registry (Eurid) opened for business on December 7, 2005 and made first offerings to Government agencies. Further, the outpouring of Government agencies scooping up .eu domains was truely phenomenal! In fact, within the first few hours of .eu domain offerings, some 80,000 applications were placed from all around Europe. Countries like Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, and Sweden were submitting applications as fast as possible!

2. With .eu domain names already proving to be popular, remember some 80,000 application within first few hours of first day is a testament to the popularity of these new domain names, the remaining domain names are likely to disappear just as quick in phase II and III of the .eu domain registration process. On February 7, 2006, domain registrars like are expected to offer .eu to trademark businesses. Later, in April, phase III commences and offers .eu domain registration to everyone. Clearly, the most popular .eu domain names will be all but gone by April of the following year! Well almost.

3. All the best domains have gone from the .com and registry, yet the .eu domain registration process gives webmasters an opportunity to, once again, get in on the best domain names available. Webmasters can get short, professional looking domain names with .eu domain registration, but only if they are quick about signing up and they don’t waste time waiting for the right moment. The moment is now—decided on a .eu domain name and visit a .eu domain registrar now, before all of the popular .eu domain names are gone.

4. The .eu domain names will go quickly for a number of reasons. First, the .eu is likely to be popular on the continent and amongst the newer member of the EU such as Poland. European webmasters will be racing for .eu domain names and you will miss out if you don’t sign up as soon as possible. Second, because .eu domain names afford webmasters the opportunity to get easy to remember domain names, many webmasters will be looking to get in on the opportunity to improve their web traffic and business will be looking to improve their profit margin.

5. During the Landrush phase on 7th April 2006 when everyone has a shot at getting a .eu domain name, it is likely that there will be tens of thousands of applications. The only way you can ensure that you will get the .eu domain name of your choosing is if you beat all of the other webmasters in your request for that domain name. It is time to start thinking about the possibilities afforded to you with a .eu domain name now and to choose your .eu domain name wisely.

6. There is a lot of interest in UK market. The Internet has got businesses thinking about the global market and the massive improvements such a market can give to a company’s bottom line. Thus, the rush for .eu domain names will most assuredly be a maddening process, one in which businesses from all over the globe are vying for the attentions of an international market.

7. Most of the main registries and resellers will be offering it and this is good news for webmasters. By visiting accredited registars you will find that their pricing for .eu domain names is highly competitive and everyone knows that when the market competes the consumer benefits. Now is the time to get that .eu domain name, while the prices for such domain names are competitive and low.

8. Pricing is likely to be competitive and to ensure that you get a decent price for your .eu domain registration, you need to get in on the market with a reputable domain registrar. offer you the opportunity to get in on this incredible venture and reap the benefits from having a .eu domain name of your choosing at a price that you can easily afford.

9. Many services offering a backorder system - but there are likely to lead to disappointment. A backorder system cannot guarantee you that you will get the .eu domain name you want—in fact, if another Webmaster applies for a .eu domain registration name before you do, you are out of luck. The sooner you sign up for your .eu domain name the better—there’s no time to waste and can help you get your .eu domain name with ease.

10. It is important to note that there are residency criteria - so it’s only open to citizens or business established in a EU Country. Nevertheless, the domain registration will allow companies in this area to reach out to other countries and gain new audiences for their businesses.

If you want to see your EU business succeed and become as profitable as possible and by helping you find and obtain an attractive and attention grabbing .eu domain name, one that is keyword potent.

11. Finally, .eu domain names are technically the same as other domain names types. The big difference is their newness—because they are so new, many unique and profitable domain names are waiting to be taken. Don’t be caught at the end of the waiting list on this one—get your .eu domain name today.

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