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Ikea Atlanta is the first store in South Eastern United States and it was established on 29 June in 2005. The store has been called cool and trendy and it has a restaurant for the customers to enjoy as they shop. For home furnishings and accessories, ikea Atlanta is a one stop shop. It all started with the dream of a young boy in Sweden by the name of Ingvar Kamprand who started out by selling matches to locals at discounted prices and eventually moved to other items and as they say, the rest is history and today, he is the second richest man in Europe and he has seen the once simple company grow into the biggest supplier of home furnishings in the world. The stores have been spreading their wings all over the cities of the world.

People always wonder what ikea means and it is an acronym for his first 2 names and the rest stand for the farm he grew up in and the town which are Elmtaryd and Agunnaryd respectively. He values his roots so much and this can be seen from the company name. It can also be seen in the ikea restaurants where they must make Swedish food. His culture has always been humility, respect and simplicity and ikea Atlanta carries the touch to ensure the flame he started, does not burn out. The blue box in Atlanta takes up to 15 acres where it has a showroom of 366,000 square feet. The underground parking spaces are almost 15,000 and it sees many people flock to the facility to do their home furnishings shopping. This stores are popular because of their affordable prices.

Ikea Atlanta sees so many sales during the weekends and you can expect very huge traffic. Like many other ikea stores, there is a restaurant with a capacity of 350 people and you do not have to worry about getting something nice to munch. If you have children, do not leave them at home just because you are going shopping. There is a supervised play area for children and you can just relax as you do your shopping at ikea Atlanta. You can get the directions from their website and you will read many resources that will help you know more about the store. You will get to see their latest offers and promotions, as well as discounts that you can look forward to.

Ikea Atlanta offers all the home furnishing products that other ikea outlets in the world offer. They include storage furniture, bathroom furniture, floors, kitchens, sofas, chairs, wall accessories, mirrors and accessories, lamp shades and so many others. If you need children items for their bedrooms, then everything will be found in an ikea store. If you also need items for your pets, this is a shop for such products also. Some of the items for your pets are beds and feeding bowls and others. There is no doubt that you are going to be inspired by the display of items in the showrooms. Make sure you purchase the item that you really like and do not go out of budget if you have a certain budget you are sticking to.

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