Can The Law Of Attraction Help In Improving Our Relationship?

by Janet Grace Ortigas - Date: 2009-12-26 - Word Count: 359 Share This!

Besides money, love is one of the most important things you should improve on using the Law of Attraction. Since it teaches that 'likes attracts like' it will manifest in your reality only if you feel strongly about a person and you are able to visualize a life or relationship with him. You also have to make sure you have a positive outlook and don't entertain any negative thoughts about marriages ending in divorce because studies shows that 60% of divorced couple still wants to go back to their ex. Make affirmations that you will meet someone who will be attracted to you. Get out more often and meet new people so that you will have a better chance of meeting someone.

In order to improve our relationship using the Law of Attraction, we must first examine our flaws and the kind of relationship we have so that we can learn to work on improving it. The key to improving our relationship is the shift in our attitude because it would definitely affect the way we nurture our partner. Self-development and relationship knowledge is also important to be able to provide us the necessary guidance so as not to lose our perspective because we will never be capable of being in a truly fulfilling and sustainable relationship without self-improvement.

We should be able to trust ourselves so that we can trust others and we will feel safe with our relationship. We should take responsibility for our actions and be not afraid to take risks and compromise so that we can tolerate our differences. We have to stand firm in our decisions and respect ourselves and our partners. Love should be the guiding principle in our relationships so that we can open our heart to take in our partners vulnerabilities so that we can forgive rather than resent.

Try to communicate honestly and be a good listener so that we will be able to understand each other because this will guide us to make our relationship work and by understanding its purpose we will experience a fulfilling relationship that will make us whole.

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