Family Dental Plan Insurance - Avoiding Delays in Insurance Claim

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Considering the many safeguards that insurance companies are now putting in place to preclude errors in their settling of claims, you would find it hard to be paid your insurance claims if your claims are not put in good order. You have to consider the risk the insurance company will be facing if they will just pay without fully verifying your medical claims especially now when fraudulent claims are on the rise. This article will give you some hints how to properly file your medical insurance claims to avoid delays.

Make your medical insurance claims on the proper claim forms. There are many cases of delayed claims due to the use of improper claim forms. These claim forms are the official forms that you get from the insurance company themselves; from the hospital where you are confined; and from other medical providers who extended their medical services to you.

You have to take note that these forms that you will have to fill out and submit as your insurance claim will be the basis of payment by the insurance companies. Thus, the insurance companies will have to meticulously examine these filled out forms and related certifications and receipts to prove beyond doubt that indeed, you have availed of these medical services and given the prescription drugs as indicated therein.

Any errors that might be found out by the insurance examiners will cause undue delays to settling your claims. And as indicated by a study on insurance claims, a percentage of errors have been due to the unofficial forms that have been used by insured clients in making their medical claims.

The accuracy of filled up information is another factor that would result to delays in settling your claims. A good amount of volume in this matter of filing erroneous information have lead to delays in the processing of payment on claims and some have even lead to outright cancellation of their claims and insurance coverage as they were found out to have been deliberate.

Deliberately distorting information on claims with the purpose of fooling the insurance company for financial gains is never tolerated. Of course, unintentional errors always do happen and insurance companies understood these. If you commit an unintentional mistake in your insurance claim, the insurance company will have to reject outright your application for claims and you have to remake another new claim to correct the error.

In fact, these delays due to erroneous information have a far greater share in delaying the settlement of claims as compared to the use of unofficial forms. Indeed, errors have been noted as the most common cause of delays since the errors can be made either by the client himself or by the attending physician or by the hospital.

It is therefore suggested that if you do not want to have delays in settling your insurance claims, it would be necessary for you to first, clarify with the insurance company the needed forms that you have to fill up to preclude filing of wrong forms.

Second, clarify with the insurance company the needed pertinent information that has to be filled up and the official forms that have to be submitted together with your application like hospital and doctor's bills, receipts of laboratory fees and x-ray examinations and any other related medical bills subject to insurance coverage.

The third and most important part will be for you to check and recheck all the information that you have filled up and likewise check that all the official receipts and bills you are requesting the insurance company to cover are all accounted for and properly signed by those concerned. You can now submit your claim for a speedy settlement.

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