Avoiding Triggers

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Avoiding the allergic substance is the mainstay of preventing an allergic response. Generally, patients should educate themselves and others about their allergy to ensure their health. Specific tips to avoid these common allergens are provided for you:

Foods Medications Insect stings Latex Avoidance

Avoiding identified allergens is critical for people who suffer from severe allergies. People who may be susceptible to anaphylaxis should make a point to educate themselves about their allergen. For example, those with food allergies should inquire about food ingredients that may provoke a reaction, while people suffering from latex allergy need to find out which consumer products contain latex.

Many allergic reactions to medications can be avoided by better communication among the physician, pharmacist, and patient-be sure to mention any drug allergies that you have. People with insect venom allergies should take basic precautions regarding footwear, clothing, and use of perfumes to minimize potential contact with bees, fire ants, or other stinging insects when engaging in outdoor activities.

It is also important that the allergic person's family, friends, and-in the case of children-teachers and school know about and understand the ramifications of the allergy, so that they can aid in the prevention of anaphylaxis.

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