Is Processed Food Good For Your Dog?

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Changing dog food

Many dog owners when they find a new dog food that is suitable for their dog, in their enthusiasm try to change its food completely the next day itself. Often they are terrified with the results of the new dog food that they have selected. Interestingly, if you take a closer look at what has happened you will realize that the problem is not with the new dog food but it is with your approach? If you have been feeding your dog with a particular brand or type of dog food, their digestive system would have got used to the food that you have been giving them. So when suddenly a completely new food is introduced without any warning, it throws the digestive system of your pet off balance.

Your pet will start reacting to the new food and will have symptoms such as diarrhea and stomach upset this is quite common whenever you make a sudden switch in your dog food. In order to help your pet get adjusted to the new food you must not make a sudden switch rather a gradual and planned way of switching will save your pet from all the uncomfortable symptoms.

When you want to change your dog's food from one brand to the other or to a different type of food, make sure that your dog does not have any other medical conditions at the time of switching. If there should be any other symptoms like allergy, vomiting or stomach upset then first consult your veterinarian before you can change your food as this is not the right time to make any changes. Your pet should be in perfect condition when you change the pet food.

Even after your pet reaches good health condition, do not make a sudden switch. You must make a gradual switch by mixing the new food along with the old food. This way you are gradually helping your dog to first of all to get used to the taste of the new food and secondly you are warning your dog's digestive system. Start mixing 15 to 20% of the new food in the old food and keep increasing the proportion of the new food and reduce the quantity of the old food day by day until you make a complete switch within a week's time.

But when you want to change your dog's food you must have a very good reason for doing so. The change of should benefit the dog. Do not change your dog's food just because you came across a new dog food commercial that you found appealing. Switching from one processed food to another does not fetch any great results. The change will be a good one if you are moving from processed food to natural food. Even when you are moving from processed food to natural food make sure have a gradual change as discussed above. Our pets are more sensitive to their food habits than human beings so we need to be careful while dealing with them.

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